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Enteritis results in disrupting the absorptive capacity of the small Intestine resulting in reduced growth rate and high FCR.Conventional treatment treats the cause but fails to reverse the absorptive
Antibiotics has been regularly used as growth promoter but due to appearance of traces of Antibiotics in meat, milk and eggs, and appearance of bacterial resistance it has been banned in most of the c
Mycotoxins are natural contaminators produced by certain forms of moulds which develop in crop before harvest or during storage. These mycotoxins decrease productivity of poultry farmingTOXIROAK GOLD
Quite often, farmers face problems with the presence of multiple sources of myco-toxins in their animal feed. Conventional solutions to this problem often have the disadvantage of working against toxi
Liver Formula For Poultry Growth And Production A smoothly functioning Liver is a key determinant of Poultry productivity. To promote the functioning of this vital organ the natural way, Ayurvet has
Poultry Bird Performance Enhancer  Liver health is the key to achieving high productivity in Poultry. Backed by years of research into liver health, Ayurvet presents an excellent liver tonic : X
SALCOCHEK is enriched with scientifically prepared polyherbal formulation made from pre- standardized herbs. Its constituent herbs adsorb & inactivate enterotoxins, hence control damage of GI muco
For prevention of Coccidiosis
METHIOREP is a scientifically developed combination of herbs that contains herbal ingredients rich in Methionine in free form and as conjugated form. Methionine is first limiting amino acid in poultr
REPCHOL is natural analogues of choline and biotin, which works like original choline & biotin in the body and replaces synthetic entity without risk of TMA & DMA (corrosive nature residues).
Respiratory problems due to bacterial & viral infections in poultry are unavoidable & it may happen in any stage of the bird’s life cycle . Antibiotics are the major remedy in bacterial
AYUCEE is a polyherbal formulation containing natural Vitamin C and bioflavonoids which are reputed for their anti-oxidant and free radical scavenging activities.  Bioflavonoids have been sh
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