Yug-AgroProm / Yug-AgroPishcheMash 2005
Yug-AgroProm / Yug-AgroPishcheMash 2005

Yug-AgroProm / Yug-AgroPishcheMash 2005

November 23, 2005
Russian Federation
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November 23-26, 2005
KrasnodarEXPO Exhibition Centre
Krasnodar - Russia

Exhibition profile

Agriculture: agricultural machinery and farming equipment, crop protection and fertilisers, crop cultivation, horti- & floriculture, feed and stock breeding technologies, veterinary pharmacology, storage and transport technologies, etc.

Foodstuffs: food and luxury food, sweets, snacks and ready-to-serve meals, deep frozen and canned food, preserves, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, delicatessen, etc.

Processing:machinery & equipment for the processing of meat, dairy, fruit and vegetables, baking, confectionery, and sweets, beverages, bottling lines, packaging technology, additives and ingredients, cooling and transport technologies, etc.

Data from the Trade Fair YugAgroProm/YugAgroPishcheMash 2004

Exhibitors: 401 exhibitors, thereof 170 foreign manufacturers of machinery and equipment for primary agriculture and food processing industry, from 17 countries plus Russia (Germany, Turkey, Italy, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Denmark, The Netherlands, U.S., France, Spain, Moldova, Latvia, Serbia-Montenegro, Israel and Luxemburg).

Visitors: annually about 11,000 visitors, almost only expert visitors (more than 89 %).

Occupied space: 8,936 sqm net, thereof 3,961 sqm hall space and 4,975 sqm open area.