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Pig production and feed efficiency - Innovad News

Date of publication : 8/14/2018
Company : Innovad
Source : Innovad

Triplex Swine Seminar

On July 10th, Innovad’s Ukrainian distributor Triplex organized a regional swine seminar with “Heat Stress” as the main topic. 30 participants (vets, managers, technologists) from 11 swine farms good for a total of 35 000 sows were present. Dr Milena Sevastiyanova talked about heat (and general) stress and Innovad’s solutions to alleviate its negative effects. 

The attendees showed high interest in the Escent products. The combination of this interest and the special seminar offer from Triplex made the majority of the participating farms purchase Escent for trials. All efforts done by the Triplex team together with the recently published data showing a healthy swine market in Ukraine and the slowly stabilizing African Swine Fever situation give promising expectations for good 2018 Innovad sales in Ukraine.

Profitable Pig Production

Innovad’s Ukrainian distributor Triplex was present with a booth at the 10th International “Profitable Pig Production” congress. Dr. Vitaliy Kolesnikov, Innovad Brand Manager at Triplex, gave a presentation about the importance of Biomarkers with the exposure of mycotoxins. He presented the research on this topic done by Marianne Lauwers in collaboration with the University of Ghent and also talked about the advantages of Escent in reinforcing the animal natural defences while being fed with potentially contaminated feedstuff.

Poultry Science Association

Innovad was present with a booth and presentation at the 2018 PSA annual meeting in San Antonio, Texas. Over 1300 international attendees visited this scientific event. Hot topics were alternatives to medication, coccidiostats and ways to control salmonella. Innovad Director Ben Letor states: “it was the place to be to understand all the options available to raise birds without medication”.

International Feed Expo

Innovad®, together with local partner Pars Jivar Soufi, participated in the International Feed Expo. The conference took place from August 11-13 in Tehran and is Iran's international exhibition of livestock, poultry and fish feed. Innovad was present with a booth and a presentation by Dr. Milena Sevastiyanova on improving the poultry metabolism and gut functioning, to alleviate stress from contaminants for increasing performance and feed efficiency. In this presentation, she strongly promoted Innovad’s Novyrate C and Escent range.

Company Announcements

Innovad is pleased to announce the expansion of the team in Thailand with a new Technical Manager. Thidaporn Jungsanguanpornsuk holds a master’s degree of Agriculture and brings over 20 years of experience in the animal nutrition sector in different R&D positions. She will take charge of all technical support, product trial settings and the coordination with Innovad’s HQ for technical requests.

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