Polagra-Farm 2004
Polagra-Farm 2004

Polagra-Farm 2004

October 7, 2004
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The first week of October of this year will become the Polish agricultural holiday. Agricultural producers, representatives of companies that offer agricultural machinery, traders, and first of all farmers and breeders will meet on the grounds of the Poznań International Fair. The POLAGRA-FARM fair embraces a multitude of themes related to all areas of agriculture. That is why the exhibitors` expositions and the accompanying events have been, as always, divided into four main components: FIELD, BREEDING, GARDEN AND FORESTRY, AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT. Field This part of the exhibition will include agricultural machinery and devices, seeds, fertilizers and crop protection chemicals. Huge combine harvesters and other machinery presented in the halls and on the open grounds will surely attract many visitors, but first of all potential buyers. The exposition will be accompanied by seminars and conferences addressed to specific groups of participants. The events will include the traditionally organized Forums of Maize, Rape and Grain Producers, which were very popular in the preceding years. The topics discussed at the Forums will include new directions in protection against weed, new collection techniques and production prospects for the following years. Polagra Show Polagra Show is a demonstration of working machines organized in Szreniawa on the field owned by the National Museum of Agriculture and Agricultural and Food Industry. The following tasks will be presented to the audience: maize harvesting for seed and maize harvesting for silage with a self-propelled forage harvester. Agricultural tractors of various power and used for various purposes, manufactured by the world`s leading manufacturers, will be presented. Admission to POLAGRA-SHOW will be free of charge. 6th Agricultural Forum This part of the fair will include animal breeding material, devices used in animal breeding, veterinary products, foodstuffs and fodder additives. One of the most attractive events in the conference programme will be the 6th Agricultural Forum that will focus on issues related to breeding of the following animal groups: slaughter cattle, dairy cattle, poultry, swine, sheep, goats, horses, bees, rabbits, nutrias and ostriches. Veterinary problems will also be discussed at the Forum. The 19th National Animal Breeding Exhibition is the most important event in the breeding area. It is organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the National Animal Breeding Centre, associations of breeders and the Poznań International Fair. Breeders will present the best horses, dairy and slaughter cattle, swine, sheep, goats, poultry, fur animals, bees, fish and ostriches in modern pavilions. The best animals will be awarded the titles of Super Champions, Champions and Vice-Champions of the 19th National Animal Breeding Exhibition. The awarded animals will be presented in special rings in the pavilions. An auction of dairy cattle and swine is also planned. Domestic Breeds Exhibition The Domestic Breeds Exhibition, which was very popular among trade fair visitors and journalists last year, will also be organized this year. The exhibition will be located in a separate pavilion. It will include unique Polish breeds, Poland`s genetic heritage. The issue of domestic breeds will also dominate a series of seminars. The whole exhibition will be accompanied by an exhibition of scientific achievements in Polish breeding. Tasting Village Food tasting opportunities will be aplenty in the Tasting Village. As in the previous year, gourmets will have a chance to taste ostrich meat, lard with honey and scrambled ostrich eggs. Rural Development This part of the exhibition will include presentations of districts and municipalities, offers of Agricultural Advisory Centres and agro-tourist farms, as well as presentations of local products. Pavilion of the Regions The Pavilion of the Regions will definitely be the greatest source of music at Polagra-Farm 2004. The fair stands will show offers of the Polish municipalities, districts and provinces, as well as of small enterprises and local communities. During the exhibition numerous folk bands will perform on the stage of the Pavilion of the Regions. Environment protection will be a crucial topic of this year`s Polagra-Farm. It will dominate the conference on ecological agriculture, its current status and development prospects. The conference will be organized in cooperation with the Industrial Institute of Agricultural Engineering. Ecology in the production of food products will be the theme of a conference organized by the Regional Advisory Centre for Agricultural and Rural Development in Przysiek. The conference will be accompanied by an exposition of environmentally-friendly food products. Ecological Village The Ecological Village, prepared by the Institute of Mechanisation and Electrification of Agriculture, will be a novelty at this year`s fair. It will be a special space with an exemplary farm including facilities that use modern environmentally-friendly agricultural technologies such as: refinery for rape oil production, manure panel and liquid manure reservoir, manure pile aerator, eco-building with an energy roof and photovoltaic cells. The exhibition will be accompanied by seminars and discussions held under the title: "Agricultural engineering for environmentally friendly farms". The conference on "Bioenergy in agriculture" organized in cooperation with Abrys will be held for the third time at the agricultural fair. Apart from seminars and discussions, agricultural advisory desks will be organized. Throughout the fair, farmers will have an opportunity to obtain free-of-charge advise related to various agricultural problems they face. Agrotourism Agrotourism topics will be present at the fair again. Municipalities and districts will present their offers. People interested in how to prepare agrotourist offers for children and youths will be invited to participate in a conference. Moreover, for the third time at Polagra-Farm, a competition for the best regional agrotourist product will be held. Tourist products prepared by a few entities, including farmers, municipalities, a national park, associations, etc., will be evaluated in the competition. Meetings for agricultural advisors are traditionally prepared at Polagra-Farm. This year, the meeting will be a conference devoted to such issues as the use of the press as a crucial social communication factor in rural areas, or the role of the advisor in the adjustment of farms following Poland`s accession to the European Union. A seminar on the currently important problem of producer groups will be a novelty at this year`s Polagra-Farm. The participants will have an opportunity to discuss such topics as: financial assistance for agricultural producers, organizational status of groups, and registration of agricultural producer groups by provincial officers. Scope - agricultural machinery, devices and tools - horticulture - home gardens - professional equipment and devices for green area maintenance - forest management - machinery and devices for water management - machinery and devices used in animal production - veterinary equipment and materials - breeding animals - ventilation, air-conditioning and heating equipment - monitoring and laboratory devices - machines and devices for the fodder industry - machines and devices for the utilization industry - foodstuffs and fodder additives - utilization products - grain, potatoes, oilseeds, leguminous plants, root plants and other plants - seeds of agricultural plants - agricultural chemicals (fertilizers, crop protection chemicals) - means of transport used in agriculture - safety at work - information and services - press and books Join us at POLAGRA-FARM 2004 - together, we will show the strong points of agriculture.