The 41st annual University of Nottingham Feed Conference
The 41st annual University of Nottingham Feed Conference

The 41st annual University of Nottingham Feed Conference

September 4, 2007
United Kingdom
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September 4 - 6, 2007
Sutton Bonington Campus
University of Nottingham
United Kingdom

From September 4th to 6th, 2007 it will be held the 41st edition of the Annual Nottingham Feed Conference at the University of Nottingham Sutton Bonington Campus, UK.

The Nottingham Feed Conference is intended for all the technical decision makers with ambition in the feed industry.

This meeting has been held annually since 1967 and is the premier event of its kind in the UK.

The meeting attracts delegates from all parts of the Feed Industry, ranging from Compounders / Raw Materials through to Supplement / Additive Companies, Vitamin Manufacturers, Pharmaceutical Suppliers, Advisors, Consultants, University / Research Personnel, Government personnel.

Members of the Programme Committee are chosen from University staff and the Animal Feed Industry. Each year between 12 and 14 invited papers are chosen which are relevant to both the science and the practice of Animal Nutrition. They are presented by recognised authorities from Europe but also worldwide.

The Proceedings 'Recent Advances in Animal Nutrition' are considered essential reading by commercial personnel as well as scientists and students.

With its mixture of basic science and application, together with liaison between the University and the world of commerce, the meeting represents an excellent example of Technology Transfer.


Tuesday 4 September

16:00 – 19:00 Registration (Plant Sciences Building SR11)

19:00 Buffet dinner (Dining Room – Rushcliffe Restaurant)

Delegates might wish also to attend the Nottingham Cattle Fertility Conference

09:30-16:20 4th September at Sutton Bonington (Separate registration required)

Wednesday 5 September

08:00 Breakfast (Dining Room – Rushcliffe Restaurant)

08:30 Registration opens (Plant Sciences Building SR11)

Session 1: Ruminants (Food Sciences Building LR9)

09:00 Influence of transition cow nutrition on health and reproduction of dairy cows – José Santos, University of California, Davis, USA

09:40 Effects of plane of nutrition on reproductive function in dairy cows – Milo Wiltbank, University of Wisconsin, USA

10:20 A scientific approach to feeding dry cows – Jim Drackley, University of Illinois, USA

11:00 Coffee (Dining Room– Rushcliffe Restaurant)

11:40 Lameness in dairy cows: impact of practical nutritional and environmental management – Jon Huxley, University of Nottingham

12:20 Lameness in Dairy Cows: influence of nutrition on hoof composition and health – Hugh Galbraith, University of Aberdeen

13:00 Lunch (Dining Room – Rushcliffe Restaurant)

14:00 TSEs and Bluetongue in the UK - where are we now? – Paul Roger, Veterinary Consultancy Services, Reeth, Richmond

14:40 Plant extracts as antimicrobials in ruminants – John Wallace, Rowett Research Institute

15:20 Tea (Dining Room – Rushcliffe Restaurant)

Session 2: Production Systems (Food Sciences Building LR9)

16:00 Indian animal production: implications for the UK livestock industry – Rajeev Alochana, Vetcare India

16:40 Environmental burdens of livestock production systems derived from life cycle assessment – Adrian Williams, Cranfield University

17:20 End of session

18:30 Pre-dinner drinks reception

19:00 Conference Dinner (Dining Room – Rushcliffe Restaurant)

Thursday 6 September

08:00 Breakfast (Dining Room – Rushcliffe Restaurant)

08:30 Registration opens (Plant Sciences Building SR11)

Session 3: Raw Materials (Food Sciences Building LR9)

09:00 Co-products from biodiesel production – Karl-Heinz Südekum, University of Bonn, Germany

09:40 Mycotoxins: is there really a problem? – Eva Binder, Biomin, Austria

10:20 Coffee (Dining Room – Rushcliffe Restaurant)

11:00 Organic farming: challenges for farmers and feed suppliers – Albert Sundrum, University of Kassel, Germany

11:40 Variability of raw material composition: implications for feed formulation and animal performance – Martin Green, University of Nottingham

12:20 Managing water supply and quality on livestock farms – Nick Bird, Farm Energy & Control Services Ltd

13:00 Lunch (Dining Room – Rushcliffe Restaurant)

Session 4: Non-ruminants (Food Sciences Building LR9)

14:00 Nutritional approaches to reducing the environmental impact of outdoor pigs – Sandra Edwards, Newcastle University

14:40 Salmonella: a pig producer's perspective – Meryl Ward, Ermine Farms Ltd, Lincolnshire

15:20 Neonatal pig mortality and nutrition of the late-pregnant sow – Theo van Kempen, Provimi Ltd

16:00 Compensatory growth in pigs – Kees de Lang, University of Guelph, Canada

16:40 Tea and end of conference (Dining Room – Rushcliffe Restaurant)