Practical Short Course on Feeds & Pet Food Extrusion
Practical Short Course on Feeds & Pet Food Extrusion

Practical Short Course on Feeds & Pet Food Extrusion

January 22, 2006
United States
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January 22, 2006 - January 27, 2006
College Station - Texas A&M University
Texas - United States of America

16th Annual Practical Short Course on Feeds & Pet Food Extrusion

Organized by the Food Protein Research & Development Center - Texas Engineering Experiment Station - The Texas A&M University System

Objectives of the Short Course

• Train production personnel in principles and characteristics of extruders and support systems for effective selection and operation.
• Review current practices for preparation of full-fat soy meal, processing raw animal products, preparation of pet foods, aquaculture, poultry and swine feeds.
• Demonstrate equipment in operation, and familiarize attendees with practical aspects of feeds extrusion technology. Review of full fat soy production.

Location and Facilities

All lectures will be held at Rudder Tower, Texas A&M Campus. Participants will be taken by bus to Riverside Campus, and to Cater Mattil Hall (TAMU Campus) for afternoon demonstrations. College Station temperature in January is in the 35-50ºF (2-13ºC) range. Lectures and manuals will be in English. Translation equipment is available by prior arrangement for organized groups willing to provide their own translators.

Short Course Conduct

All Short Course sessions will be informal. Questions are encouraged during the lectures, breaks and social periods. Rights to cancel this course with refund or to substitute speakers and change schedules, as necessary to expedite the course, are reserved. Texas A&M University System policy does not allow inclusion of alcoholic beverages in registration fees. Cash bars will be available.


College Station is easily reached by about 12 flights daily. From Dallas/ Ft. Worth International Airport connect via American Airlines (American Eagle Commuter). From Houston Intercontinental Airport connect via Continental Airlines (Continental Express). The College Station Airport code is CLL . Participants should call the Hilton hotel upon arrival at Easterwood Airport for courtesy van service.


Reservations for lodging should be made directly by attendee. A block of rooms has been reserved at the College Station Hilton and Conference Center for short course participants at the special rate of $83/night plus tax for single or double occupancy. Ask for the rate specifically and mention the Group Code FEE. Hotel reservations must be received before January 5, 2006, in order to receive special rates. You can make reservation by telephone or internet.


Registration fee for the short course and pilot plant demonstrations is $1,500.00 and includes Sunday evening dinner, daily lunch, refreshments at breaks, local transportation, a short course manual, certificates of completion and optional tour to George W. Bush Museum and Library.

There is a 10% discount if three or more individuals from the same organization register for the short course. Academic discounts may be applicable if space is available.


- Registration, Hilton Hotel Lobby
* "Welcome Introduction and Announcements" - Mian N. Riaz, Food Protein R&D Center, Texas A&M University
- Tour of the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum (Optional)
- Dinner, Texas Style BBQ
* "Introduction to Extrusion" - Mian N. Riaz
* "Material Handling: Cleaning, Conveying, Dust Control, Weighing, Mixing, Coating" and "Establishment of Feed MIlls, Modular Plants"- Gerry Leukam
* "Material Handling: Cleaning... " Continued - Gerry Leukam
* "Common Grinding Problems" - Bill Bliss
* "Introduction to Dry Extrusion, Processing of Full Fat Soybeans & Extruded-Expelled Soybean Meal " - Hennie Pieterse
* "Recycling of Secondary Resources by Dry Extrusion" - Nabil Said
- Multiple Demonstrations:
• Demonstration of Dog Food - Dry Extruder - John Doud and Chris Mack
• Demonstration of Full Fat Soy Using - Dry Extruder - John Doud and Chris Mack
• Demonstration of By-Products Recycling - Dry Extruder - John Doud and Chris Mack
* "Pet Food: Global Market Trends" - Jennifer Kvamme
* "Optimizing Pet Food Quality, Oxidation Control, Microbial and Palatability" - Jim Mann
* "Pet Food Treats" - Tom Barber
* "Continuous Spray and Coating Systems" - Terry Stemler
* "Formulating Natural Pet Foods" - Jim Mann
* "Drying and Cooling Systems" - Tom Barber
* "Characteristics and Application of Interrupted Flight Expanders" - Moe Williams
* "Processing of Full-Fat Soy Products, Pet Foods and Aquaculture Feeds" - Moe Williams
- Multiple Demonstrations:
• Demonstration of Dog Food Using an Interrupted Flight Expander - Moe Williams & Mike Penn
• Demonstration of Full-Fat Soy Using an Interrupted Flight Expander - Moe Williams & Mike Penn
• Demonstration of Coating Systems for Aquaculture - Terry Stemler
* "Detour to Inspect Disassembled Wenger Single and Twin-Screw Extruders" - Cater-Mattil Hall
* "Commercial Vitamin Product Forms, Vitamin Premixes and Their Performance in Pet Foods" - Jon Wilson
* "Raw Material for Extrusion Processing" - Galen Rokey
* "Single and Twin Screw Extruders and Their Application in Feed and Pet Foods" - Galen Rockey
* "Preconditioning - Effects on Extrusion of Feedstuffs" - Brian Plattner
* "Product Analysis Lab" - Brian Plattner
* "Enhanced Process Control Through Bulk Density" - Brian Marlow
- Multiple Demonstrations:
• Demonstrations of Cat Food Using a Single Screw Extruder - Galen Rokey
• Demonstrations of Ultra-Fine Fish Feed Using a Twin Screw Extruder - Gerry Hertzel
• Demonstrations of On-Line Moister and Bulk Density - Brian Marlow
* "Automated Control of Extrusion Systems" - Will Henry/Ray Bachelor
* "Extrusion Processing Technologies" - Brian Plattner
* "Extrusion Dies: Product Shaping and Process Variables" - Gerry Hertzel
* "The Use of Rendered Product in Pet Food" - Ross Hamilton
- Graduation Lunch
* "High Fat Extrusion, Product Desnification and Vacuum Infusion" - Galen Rokey
* "Vacuum Infusion Coating Principles for Pet Food" - Jim Schulte
* "Mycotoxin Concerns and the Pet Food Industry" - John Richard
* "Ensuring a Smoothly Running Extrusion Operation" - Galen Rokey
- Multiple Demonstrations:
• Demonstrations of Pigglet Feed Using a Single Screw Extruder - Galen Rokey
• Demonstrations of Premium Pet Food Using a Twin-Screw Extruder - Gerry Hertzel
• Demonstrations of Vacuum Infusion System - Jim Schulte
* "Odor Control in a Pet Food Plant" - Myron Kinach
* "Feed Requirments for Aquaculture Species" - Delbert Gatlin
* "Least Cost Formulation" - Chris Bailey
* "Wrap-Up" - Mian N. Riaz


Mr. Ray Bachelor, Bachelor Controls, Inc.
Dr. Christopher Bailey, Professor-Poultry Science Department, Texas A&M University
Mr. Tom Barber, Market Manager, Aeroglide Corporation
Mr. Bill Bliss, President, Bliss Industries, Inc.
Mr. John Doud, Research & Development Technician, Insta-Pro International, Inc.
Dr. Delbert M. Gattlin, III, Professor, Dept. Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences, Texas A&M University
Dr. Ross Hamilton, Director of Gov´t Affairs and Technology, Darling Int´l.
Mr. Will Henry, Project Engineering, Bachelor Controls Inc.
Mr. Gerry Hertzel, Technical Service, Wenger Manufacturing Co.
Mr. Myron Kinach, UAS Industries
Dr. Jennifer Kvamme, Editor of Petfood Industry Magazine, Watt Publishing Co.
Mr. Gerald M. Leukam, Senior Vice President, Technical Operations, T.E. Ibberson Company
Mr. Chris Mack, Research Associate, Food Protein R&D Center, Texas A&M University
Mr. Jim Mann, Technical Service Manager, Kemin Industries, Inc.
Mr. Brian S. Marlow, Founder and Chief Technical OFficer, III Sigma
Mr. Mike Penn, Technician, Research Oil Mill, Food Protein R&D Center, Texas A&M University
Mr. Hennie Pieterse, Insta-Pro Australia
Mr. Brian Plattner, Process Engineer, Wegner Manufacturing Co.
Dr. Mian N. Riaz, Head, Extrusion Technology Program, Food Protein R&D Center, Texas A&M University
Dr. John Richard, Executive Vice President, Romer Labs
Mr. Galen Rokey, Wenger Manufacturing Co.
Dr. Nabil Said, Triple F"/Insta-Pro International, Inc.
Mr. Jim Schulte, UAS Industries
Mr. Terry Stemler, Vice President of Sales, Automated PRocess Equipment Corp. (APEC)
Mr. Maurice "Moe" Williams, Director, Research & Development, Anderson International Corp.
Dr. Johnathan Wilson, Director, Technical Marketing, DSM