ISAH 2004
ISAH 2004

ISAH 2004

October 11, 2004
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The International Society for Animal Hygiene (ISAH) was created in 1970 and has now members in 47 countries throughout the world. ISAH specialises in the fields of animal health and veterinary public health in particular in relation to their interaction with the environment. The last ISAH main congress was held in Mexico City in February 2003. The 2004 congress is organised with the collaboration of AFSSA (French Agency for Food Safety), INRA (French Institute for Agronomy Research), CEMAGREF (Agricultural and environmental engineering research ) and ISPAIA (Higher Institute of Animal Production and Food Industries). Critical issues relating to European animal production will be adressed by a number of distinguished experts. The congress is open not only to academic scientists but also to professionals involved in animal agriculture. Any stakeholders involved in the food chain are most welcome to attend.

Conferences will be organized in plenary sessions and separate sessions. A significant part of these sessions will be reserved to selected oral communications. Posters will be ensured for the 3 days within a large hall. Time will be reserved in front of the posters. Proceedings including oral communications and posters will be given to the participants at the beginning of the congress. The official languages will be English and French (simultaneous translation).


Animal production and Society

  • Socio-cultural aspects
  • Food-related risk perception
  • EU regulations and their impact
  • Animal welfare : measurement and public perception
  • Integration of production systems in the environment
  • Animal health

  • Infection detection, screening tools, epidemiology
  • Disease prevention and control
  • Herd-health management : role of hygiene, housing…
  • Genetic resistance to disease
  • Animal nutrition : relation to health
  • Veterinary Public Health

  • Food-borne diseases
  • Species barrier and zoonosis
  • Antibiotics use and resistance
  • Biosecurity of effluents
  • Quality control systems

  • Supervision of the executive board of the ISAH
    President : A. Krynski (Poland), Secretary : F. Madec (France)
  • French members of the Committee :
    Gérard ARGENTE (FDGDS 22) - Louis-Aimé AUMAITRE (FEZ / EAAP) - Pierre BARRE (AFZ) – Gérard BERTRAND (Institut de l´élevage) - Michel BONNEAU (INRA St-Gilles) - Isabelle BOUVAREL (ITAVI) – Pierre COLIN (AFFSA) - Catherine DISENHAUS (ENSAR) - Barbara DUFOUR (AEEMA) – Emmanuelle ESPIE (InVS) – Nicolas ETERRADOSSI (WPPA) - Didier HINAULT (AFAB) - José MARTINEZ (CEMAGREF & RAMIRAN) - Pierre MAYAUX (URGTV) – Jean François PERZO (AFMVP & AVSO) - Yvon SALAU (ITP Le Rheu) - Henri SEEGERS (INRA & ENV Nantes) – René Lucien SEYNAVE (ASA / AIHA / SPV) - Anne TOURATIER (FNGDSB)