Global Feed Food Congress
Global Feed Food Congress

Global Feed Food Congress

July 11, 2005
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July 11, 2005 - July 13, 2005
IEP Research Institute
Rua Coronel Nicolau Dos / Santos, 69 - Bela Vista
Sao Paolo - Brazil

Food safety in meat, milk and eggs begins with what we feed our food producing animals. This Congress is being presented on the heels of Codex Alimentarius (which represents 180 countries) adopting a ‘Code of Good Animal Feeding Practice´ in July 2004 and after five years of deliberations to set a new global feed safety standard for the production of compound feeds worldwide.

The International Feed Industry Federation (IFIF) and the UN´s Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) Animal Production and Health Division are presenting a Global Congress addressing critical issues that impact the food chain where animal products for food consumption are concerned. The programme will include the International Forum for TSE & Food Safety (TAFS), to provide a ground-breaking Congress on food and feed safety issues.

• Improving Feed & Food Safety
• International Forum for TSE & Food Safety (TAFS)
• Improving Food Security
• Codex & The Feed/Food Industries
• Feed & The Environment
• International Trade Issues

The Global Feed & Food Congress will focus on the quality and conformity of animal feeds to new international food safety standards, enhancing their paramount importance in the production of healthy and safe food products for consumers everywhere.