Expoaviga 2008
April 15, 2008 to April 17, 2008
Barcelona - Cataluna - Spain
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Welcome to Expoaviga 2008
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On April 15, 2008, Expoaviga will open its doors to hold once again another edition of one of the most renowned trade shows for the beef and dairy cattle industry in the European and Latin American markets.

With an average of 15% of international visitors, Expoaviga is an essential meeting point for your business´ evolution.

The presence of 45,000 professional visitors of the most high profile in the industry guarantees the success of your attendance.

More than 200 companies and 38,000 square metres to show the way to the future in livestock raising.

Expoaviga is the place to see the latest technological solutions, the leading companies in the sector and the largest European congress in this field.

Activities and Seminars

BCN Expoaviga Congress: Once again, it offers a full programme of technical seminars on every topic of professional interest.

VIII Seminar of meat products: On April 16, organized by AECOC.

Practical workshop of egg production marketing: On April 17, organized by ASEPRHU.

Ecofarm: The ideal platform for companies involved in sustainable livestock production to showcase their latest products. Expoaviga 2008 is determined to address the growing concern about the effect of intensive livestock farming on the environment, and to this end it is launching EcoFarm, a new segment for offering specific solutions to both production and environmental needs.

I Poultry Breeders' Competition and II Poultry Breeding Conference: In a further demonstration of the respect for the environment that the exhibition encourages. Expoaviga 2008 hosts the I Poultry Breeders´ Competition and the II Poultry Breeding Conference in a further demonstration of the respect for the environment that the exhibition encourages. The aim of the Poultry Breeders´ Competition is to recognise the work of breeders of indigenous poultry breeds, which are essential to conserve our biological diversity, something that was underlined at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. In Spain there are 35,000 breeders of native poultry breeds, and around two million breeders across Europe. The II Poultry Breeding Conference discusses, amongst other issues, the conservation work being done with Spanish chicken breeds and how conservationist breeders deal with animal handling and health and their scope of action.

II National Raw Cows and Milk Competition: In collaboration with interprofessional laboratories. The Jury will be assessing the results obtained by the competing farms between 1 January and 31 December 2007. Each autonomous community may submit a maximum of 10 farms, endorsed by the relevant interprofessional laboratories.

Symposium 'Swine Health and Production Carles Pijoan': On April 16-17, during Expoaviga.
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Alberto Gimeno
Alberto Gimeno