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Dear friends, start of laying with underweight pullets might be the reason of what you describe - you say they are "being antomical incompetence" I fully agree on this. For nowadays high prolific layers one need to realize a very good rearing, means body on target in regard to age.
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Probably yes - but I'm not sure and having no experience about these topics Robert
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The topic "correct use of prelay feed" is important for all high prolific layer breeds.
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Nowadays layer breeds show a steadily increasing persistency and prolonged lifetime production period. This is mainly due to genetic improvements but nevertheless, management and especially nutrition of the nowadays highly prolific layer birds need to ensure respectively support those benefits mentioned before. Modern layer hybrids are a four-line-cross with a long breeding history and show a ver ...
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Based on the actual knowledge in terms of crude fibre several other products, especially grains can be used as raw materials for layer feed and will contribute to decrease costs in a high volatile raw material market with varying availability of raw materials as such.
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Introduction This congress takes place in a typical corn-soya-region of the world, which means that corn and soya are the basic raw materials for all type of poultry feed. But in a lot of countries we see much more and different raw materials being used in poultry nutrition and especially in those diets for layer breeds in rearing and production. There is no doubt that especially layers perform v ...
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