Carlos A. Mallmann
LAMIC – is a wide structure of mycotoxin analyses, anti-mycotoxin addictive control (adsorbents), nutrition, animal health as well as specialized services concerning antibiotics, enzymes and fine chemistry. In addition, LAMIC gives services to more than 1,000 Brazilian and foreign agrocompanies carr...
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Fernando. Congratulations on your 30 years of work. Much more than products, Special Nutrients has a passion for teaching mycotoxins. Success for your company!
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Article published the 6 from January from 2017
INTRODUCTION Fumonisins are secondary metabolites of Fusarium verticilloides and were first isolated and chemically characterized in 1988 (Gelderblom et al. 1988). About 28 homologues have been discovered since then. However, from a toxicological standpoint, Fumonisin B1 (FB) is the most common and studied homologue. Others, such as FB2 , FB3 , and FB4 are less prevalent (Voss et al. 2007). FB pr ...
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Video published on 17 from October from 2014
Dr. Carlos Mallmann presents some of the most harmful mycotoxins that can attack pigs, and how to recognize and prevent them at the 3rd LiAn Forum at Malaysia.
Video published on 16 from October from 2014
Dr. Carlos Mallmann presents some of the most harmful mycotoxins that can attack poultry, and how to recognize and prevent them at the Feed Safety Seminar 2.0 in China.
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Dear Dr Ghosh, Yes. The most important international products are evaluated by LAMIC. Ask they for the password.
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Dear Salvador All companies operating in Guatemala has a "agreement" from the Federal University of Santa Maria (LAMIC). This information is on this website ( Your supplier for Guatemala certainly has the login and password to provide. Important. All companies have their information. You only need to request this information from the same. Best rega ...
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Article published the 10 from December from 2012
1. Factors that interfere in mycotoxin production Mycotoxins are toxic substances that result from secondary metabolism of several strains of filamentous fungi. They are organic compounds with low molecular weight and no immunogeneticity. In tropical and subtropical climates the fungi development is enhanced by factors such as excellent humidity and temperature conditions. Fungi grow and spread ...
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Dear Dr. Jadoon, Controlled studies are performed with higher levels of mycotoxins. The goal is always to obtain a statistical difference. Due to the reduced number of animals these levels are required.We conducted only one study with laying hens. There was mainly an interference in egg size and mortality in the third week. Our experience, report problems with lower levels, largely because of oth ...
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Article published the 2 from December from 2011
ABSTRACT Mycotoxins are contaminants of many cereals and derivatives used as ingredients in poultry diets. They are considered secondary metabolites produced by fungi that develop well in tropical climates. When they are present in moderate to high concentrations in the diet, it might result in death, and when used in low doses, it may compromise production indexes, such as decrease ...
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Video published on 1 from September from 2011
Carlos Mallmann, Professor and researcher from LAMIC, speaks about mycotoxins especially fumosin and zearalenone, and also about anti-mycotoxin additives at the XVII World Veterinary Poultry Association Congress in Cancun, Mexico.
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