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Dear Mr. Cedden, I totally agree with you when it comes to tropical conditions with restricted possibilities to control deseases. My article is refered more to intensified farms with Europeran breeds located in warm regions, as for example my country Israel and your country Turkey are.
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This subject is very breed specific. Specifically, the Indian breed of cows and buffaloes may have a very different temperature humidity comfort zone for optimal production.
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Acidosis directly stems from excess feeding of grains. The better alternative is to reduce the ill effects of high temperature by cooling of the body by just spraying water on the body three or four times between 11 to 4 pm with a gunny sack on the torso. Reduce exposure to radiation heat in these timings. Crossbred cows form less than 25% of total female bovines. Rest 75% are generally unaffected ...
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Dairy cows in New Zealand of all breeds including HF and Jersey are not housed inspite of the cold and wet climate and still continue to produce high quantity of milk. The farmers there say that it is not economical for them to house the cows. Their production levels as you all know are comparable to the World's top countries.
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