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Participation in Forum on 3 from April from 2017
African Hatchery Managers, Vets and Technicians should attend this workshop. The African Union should have sponsored such activities.
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Participation in Forum on 24 from March from 2017
The African Union should consider to have a FUND to sponsor young African Scientists and Professionals who would like to attend such Conferences. Every country member can allocate a budget to enable the Africans to acquire a better knowledge of the modern technology in order to serve better the continent. The African Union can request the organizers to select the African countries for the conferen ...
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Participation in Forum on 16 from March from 2017
I fully support the suggestion of Dr. A.O. Ogbe.
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Participation in Forum on 15 from March from 2017
Africa is in need of young POULTRY VETERINARIANS. Unfortunately, there is a financial constraint for the African participants. This is an opportunity for the poultry companies to support the young African poultry vets.
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Participation in Forum on 15 from March from 2017
Many thanks to Aviagen for this financial support to encourage young scientists to pursue with their research work on poultry health and production. PSAF will have to select those who deserve the funding. It may be a good initiative to provide a part of the fund to young AFRICAN scientists.
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Participation in Forum on 7 from March from 2017
There are spices and herbs which can regulate the gut problem in broilers. But, in industrial feed mill, chemical additives are preferred rather than natural products. The cost is also a constraint. More research is needed to use phytoadditives in broiler diets.
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Participation in Forum on 7 from March from 2017
Thanks Dr. Swayne for your replies. Biosecurity is the major defence against AI and all other pathogens. Vehicles should be restricted to enter the farms. It is not easy to decontaminate lorries especially feed lorries which had been to other farms during the day. Regarding vaccine, what is your opinion on VECTOR AI vaccine?
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Participation in Forum on 2 from March from 2017
Very interesting research work. I agree with the authors and it is now the turn for other researchers to confirm the drift in other AI viruses. Previously we were accustomed to the Highly Pathogenic H5N1 virus. Nowadays, we find various different strains of Highly Pathogenic AI virus. In 2016 & 2017, many European and Asian countries had reported cases of AI in both poultry and wild birds. One ...
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Participation in Forum on 28 from February from 2017
Has this expert group on AI been set up?
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Participation in Forum on 23 from February from 2017
It is an opportunity for the African countries to invest in the production of feed additives.
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