Article published the 12 from April from 2017
INTRODUCTION An adequate supply of macro and micronutrients, such as trace minerals (e.g., Zn, Mn, Cu, Co), is important for ensuring an optimal transition from pregnancy to lactation (Andrieu, 2008). For instance, trace minerals have critical roles in a variety of physiological process, particularly antioxidant defense, and a deficiency may depress immunity especially in peripartal or transitio ...
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Article published the 24 from February from 2017
Background Cows around calving time experience a depression on immune function partially due to the marked negative energy balance (NEB), which results when cows cannot ingest enough nutrients to support dietary requirements for milk production. During this time, methionine (Met) as one of the first limiting AA in dairy cows may be in limited supply. Research has demonstrated that Met plays a key ...
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Video published on 26 from November from 2013
Dr. James Drackley speaks about Nutrition and Immunity at the 11th Nutrefeed Technical Meeting in Buenos Aires Argentina.
Video published on 25 from November from 2013
James Drackley, Professor at the University of Illinois, was invited by Nutrefeed to give a talk about early calf nutrition and health.
Video published on 11 from November from 2013
Professor James Drackley speaks about scours in calves, ways to diagnose and treat this common disease.
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