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Cost effective Productivity Enhancement, Reproductive efficiency, Disease prevention particularly mastitis, expertees to Dairy farmers backed up with 40 yrs exposer to pan india operations.
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Discussion created on 22 from April from 2017
Grains are the main source of energy to Ruminants as practiced today. But anatomically and physiologically ruminants are designed to digest roughages and fibrous feed to produce VFA's to meet out the major (70%) component of maintenance energy requirements. With the expectation of extra energy supplement for lactation, grains are being fed. But during the process, we create a challenge for animal ...
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Maintain drinking water at 20 degree Celsius. Animal water intake will go up. Provide extra energy, protein and minerals. Keep an watch on iodine as it being essential for adequate functioning of Hypothalamus which controls the thermo-regulatory system.
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We must understand how heat stress is impacting the productivity and reproductivity. It is observed that cow's feed intake goes low yet water intake remains stable or increased slightly. But nutritive requirements for maintenance and production remains the same. Under the circumstances, I would recommend as follows: 1. Condense the energy and proteins in feed as quantity of intake goes down. ...
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In severe ruminal acidosis blood pH do alters. Try to give sod. bicarbonate 5% solution upto 300 ml in a day along with yeast and pot. bicarbonate for faster recovery.
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Participation in Forum on 25 from December from 2014
We can try Sodium bisulphate instead of Tri sod citrate as an superior acidifer as compared to citrate and much cheaper and affordable.
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Dear All Emirates, Have we correctly assessed the correct milk potential of exiting/ cross bred animals in India. We are merely focussing on the genetic improvement but never tried to find the absolute achievement out of it. After the breed improvement we must try to extract maximum output from the cross bred animal but managing required levels of nutrients in transition period and followed by flu ...
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Dear All - Thanks for detailed discussions. Innovative treatments like managing citrate level within control by therapeutic measures like i/v use of tri sod citrate or oral use of this. Along with these measures we must look out for ruminal pH as mild decrease in pH at rumen depresses the immune support. Continuous managing both the target organs will reduce the incidences of mastitis.In my view p ...
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Very basic purpose of your proposal is to utilize the nitrogen available in Ammonia. We have better and cheaper source like urea. Addition rate is critical and has to be done with caution.Ammonia in vapour / gaseous form may have lead for respiratory discomfort and irritation in eyes,
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Thanks, John for sharing your experience. Keeping the ruminant away from grains will definitely keep them in natural habitat. I strongly feel that let the rumen work what it is supposed to do. We should not damage the rumen function with the intention of boosting energy for production only. Energy is extremely important for Maintenance (depending on size of animal), Production (depending on densit ...
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Participation in Forum on 14 from February from 2013
Dear Dr. Drug of choice to control the septicemic phase, is Ceftiofur sod.@ 1mg/kg to be given iv or even i/m route along with prednisolone i/m . But at later stage when we hear the gurgling sound, tracheotomy is the best remedy. I have saved many animal at the last stage by putting a hard rubber tube by creating a passage among tracheal rings. Cause of death is NOT septicemia but choking of respi ...
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