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Jose E. Ferrer, Jr.
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VIBREX Salts mixtured tablets with bactericidal action

Vibrex Tablets

¿What is VIBREX Tablets?

Is a unique formulation of blended salts developed by AGRANCO CORP.(USA) , in tablet form, that when dissolved in water, produce a stable solution of chlorine dioxide., a wide spectrum bactericide, fungicide, and algaecide.

  Size and treatment capabilities of VIBREX Tablets

   Vibrex tablets weigh  1 gram and 20 grams. Each tablet produce a solution os 0.2 % (2,000 ppm) So one tablet of 1 grams can treat from 2,000 of water at 1 ppm or with a 20 grams tablet you can treat 20,000 liters of water at 1 ppm. One must wait about 10 minutes after application for the treated water to be disinfected,  and it will have a residual effect of 20 days, after which. another tablet must be added.To increase the ppms,reduce the amount of water to be treated.

*VIBREX Tablets Packing

Vibrex tablets of  20 grams wrapped in cellophane paper are packed 50 per bag in carton boxes,  or as customers require.


  • It is odorless and colorless at recommended dosages.
  • It does not react with organic matter, only with micro-organisms.
  • It is easy and safe application.
  • It is not irritating and does do give out fumes.
  • Its not flamable.
  • It has a prolonged stability and efficacy..
  • It is active on hard waters (300 ppm Ca).
  • Its optimum active range is between pH 6 to pH 10.
  • It does not alter taste, of foods or drinks.
  • It does not causes mutations , allergies and it is not carcinogenic.
  • It has a high solubility and its does not leave any residues nor suspended particles.
  • Economical at low dosages and of prolonged residual effect.




  • Treatment of industrial discharge waters.
  • Potabilization of waters for human consumption.
  • Treament of waters for animal consumption.
  • Treatment of water in recirculating systems and swimiing pools.
  • Purification and sanitization in hospitals, hotels and restaurants.
  • Disfection of farming IN AQUACULTURE PONDS WITH LIVE ANIMALS IN THEM. Instalations, poultry houses, barns, etc.
  • Disinfection of water storage tanks and water systems
  • Washing and disinfection of food raw materials
  • Washing and disinfection of food processing plants.
  • Washing and disinfection of produce, fruits beef, seafood and poultry and swine meats.


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Vibrex Tablets