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Zhengchang latest high efficiency aqua feed extruder SPHS268F, the capacity can reach 20tph with 400kw motor.  Equipped with full automatic touch panel operation system, easy for operation with
SPHS218F is a machine for produce variety of high-grade extruded aquaculture feed, pet feed and sinking feed. It widely used in the following aspects: extruding of bullfrog feed, weever feed, shrimp f
Optimal blade construction and layout make materials stir more equally, extend conditioning time, conditioning effect is better. Innovative design of drive case and main drive system, more stable and
Adapt to produce. Parameter Model Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) KYW32b1 1-5 37 SZLH35b1 3-7 55 SZLH40b1 3-9 75
Adapt to produce. Parameter Model Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) KYW32b2 1-5 37 SZLH35b2 3-7 55 SZLH40b2 3-9 75
Adapt to produce. Parameter Model Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) KYW32b3 1-5 37 SZLH35b3 3-7 55 SZLH40b3 3-9 75
cleaning Equipment SCY
Mainly used in rice and flour plant, cooperating with feed plant and pretreatment of powdery material of other industries.Cleaning the waste of powdery material effectively,for example,straw,twine,clo
Simple and advanced structure, good cleaning efficiency, big output, small volume, convenient adjustment, easy maintenance, low noise and no pollution. It is the ideal cleaning equipment.  
The Dry extruder is applicable for raw material pretreatment, such as extruding full fat soybean, soybean cake and cotton seed cake and it can also be used for extruding livestock and poultry feed,
Elevator and Conveyer TDSQ
Elevator and Conveyer TDTG.
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