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January 29, 2018 to February 1, 2018
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Jane Shen
Jane Shen
Shanghai, Shanghai, China

MKLW Forage Horizontal Cooler for producing the pasture cube

MKLW horizontal cooler

The machine is developed and manufactured by introducing the world advanced pasture cooling equipment combining years of cooling equipment manufacturing experience of Zhengchang group.

It is the main equipment for producing the pasture cube with high capacity,good performance and low energy consumption.It works stably and reliably and has nice appearance.

Innovative design and reasonable structure.

With frequency-convertible conveying to adjust the cooling time accordingly to ensure optimum cooling efficiency.

Swivel destribution unit with frequency-controller is used for feeding material.

Uniformly and reliably mixing,The upper ground pasture gathers to the screw,so that the pasture cubed are cooled and the pasture bits and pieces are separated.This the machine is used with two functions.

Widely applicable for pasture pellet and cubes.





MKLW horizontal cooler