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January 29, 2018 to February 1, 2018
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Jane Shen
Jane Shen
Shanghai, Shanghai, China

SPHG2500 Dry Extruder for poultry feed and piglet feed

Dry Extruder (SPHG2500a)

The Dry extruder is applicable for raw material pretreatment, such as extruding full fat soybean, soybean cake and cotton seed cake and it can also be used for extruding livestock and poultry feed, such as piglet feed

2) Main structural features:

a) Frequency-conversion motor is used for the feeder to control the feeding rate by adjusting the speed

b) Jacket conditioner is used for good conditioning efficiency

c) Three-way is used for convenient operation

d) High quality bearing is used as the main driving bearing for long operation life

e) External cycled cooling unit is used for the main driving system to protect the bearing effectively

Dry Extruder (SPHG2500a)