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X-ZELIT - Calcium balance for calving


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Date: Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Vitfoss products specialist cattle Per Theilgaard presenting X-Zelit, maintain natural calcium balance.

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X-Zelit is a unique and effective product which safeguards the health and welfare of newly calved cows. X-Zelit contains pure crystalline zeolite, which binds excess calcium and phosphorus from feed in the stomach. In controlled trials X-Zelit is 100% effective and under practical farming conditions. X-Zelit achieves an efficacy of 80-85%. No negative side-effects have been associated with the use of X-Zelit.

500 g of X-Zelit is added in or onto feed during the last two weeks of gestation

X-Zelit provides a perfect calcium balance around Calving and minimizes the risk of hypocalcaemia

Avoid complications because of calcium deficiency

● Fewer incidences of milk fever
● Fewer incidences of ketosis
● Fewer incidences of calving difficulties
● Fewer incidences of retained placenta
● Fewer incidences of displaced abomasums

X-Zelit works as follows:

● X-Zelit binds the calcium of the feed
● Thus the hormones of the cow adjust to a condition with low availability of calcium
● The application of X-Zelit is stopped at calving and cow is ready for maximum  absorption of calcium
● Therefore the cow avoids calcium deficiency

X-Zelit gives more milk and reduces the cell count

Recently X-Zelit is tested once again in a farm test. The purpose was to examine the effect of X-Zelit on milk production and quality.
Cows receiving X-Zelit give approx. 1 ECM extra per day over a period of 305 days.


Cows receiving X-Zelit have a cell count approx. 130,000 lower over a period of 305 days.

X-Zelit is used as follows:

● 500 gram per day is applied the last two weeks in the dry period
● X-Zelit can be mixed into the feed or applied as top dressing
● Stop applying X-Zelit at calving



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25 kg bag