Publication policies

Classifieds, business or swaps

Any commercial advertising that expresses the desire or is offered to purchase items are not permitted. Also those that offer some kind of service determined or undetermined or any association to get a profit at a symbolic price.
Publications that include comparisons with other users about prices, nicknames, quality and type of articles, etc will be removed.
Descriptions may include graphics, text, videos and photos of offered goods, as long as they do not violate property rights or any provision of the terms and conditions or applicable law, including the following:
  • Well offered by user seller must be exactly described in terms of status, condition, size, brand, model, color, material, and other relevant characteristics.
  • Every word used in descriptions and titles must be associated specifically with the featured article. The use of words that have no relation to the article to manipulate search engines and/or to generate traffic to this publication is forbidden.
  • In case it includes a photograph, this should correspond specifically to article offered.
  • The use of codes is prohibited in the descriptions to perform the following functions:
    • place or read cookies on any Engormix page,
    • lead users to other pages outside of Engormix,
    • open additional windows,
    • request or get information of other user.
Tax evasion
Engormix only offers the users a virtual space that enables them to communicate through the Internet to find a way to sell or buy goods or services. Besides, it doesn’t take any in the process of negotiation and refinement of the final contract between the parties. Therefore, the parties are responsible to comply with the fiscal and tax obligations imposed by law.

Publications that demonstrate an intention to evade or avoid taxes in some form will be removed.
Inclusion of personal data
Inclusion of personal information or any kind of contact is prohibited both in description, images, photographs, videos, questions and answers about the article, as well as the nickname. This information may be email address, post code, telephone number, bank details as well as URLs or websites.

This type of activity will be investigated by Engormix and the offender may be sanctioned not only with the suspension or termination of the operation but also being blocked as an Engormix user.
Price-related violations
Different price to the one published. It is forbidden the publication of products with a different price to the one expressed in the header section. If there is a minimum quantity from sale, the price of the header must indicate that cost (for example: "for sale: bottle of wine for $10, minimum purchase 6 bottles", in that case, the publication should be priced at $60).

Minimum price: It is not permitted and will be removed that publication where a minimum sale price is established in the description.

Sell by units of measurement: published articles with a price set according to a unit of measure as weight, volume or length will be removed when it can be inferred that it is intended to avoid paying fees.
Vulgar language
It is not allowed the use of vulgar or blasphemous language. This also includes the language of racist, hateful, sexual or obscene in nature in a public area. The implementation of this policy extends to publications, questions and/or answers.
Links in the publication
The description of the article can only be used to explain, promote, provide and facilitate the publication of the article. It is prohibited to include links to web sites intended for trade, the publication or the purchase of goods or services, or links whose purpose is not one of those listed below.

Links allowed in the description of the article, include:
  • Link to an Engormix page that provides additional or more detailed information (only if this doesn’t provide any kind of contact information)
  • Links with additional information about Engormix policy and delivery of the offered product.
  • Links to pictures of the product on Engormix.

Among the prohibited links include (but not limited to them).
  • Links to Web pages intended for trade, or the purchase of goods or services out of Engormix.
  • Links to forums or blogs communities, which can provide contact between users outside of Engormix.
  • Links to sites or websites that offer merchandise that are not allowed on Engormix or by applicable law.
  • Links to sites that request the nickname or the key buyers.
  • Links that may infringe intellectual property laws.
  • Links to sites that compete in any way with the activity or services of Engormix.
Publication in the right category
The user must only publish the products that want to sell in the right category and subcategory according to the kind of product.

The publication of any kind of service should be done only in the services category. Otherwise they will be removed.
Photos on the home section
It will not be allowed to publish any image that, at the discretion of Engormix, can be considered to be provocative or sensual or that may be considered contrary to morality or good manners on the main page of Engormix.

Photos or images that appear on the main page of Engormix must:
  • Correspond exactly to the product which is featured in the publication and not any other photograph that may induce to error or confusion to the recipient of the supply.
  • Not contain the vendor logos, text or similar.
  • Show only one product.
  • Be high resolution.
  • Have white color background.
  • Not have personal or contact data.
Comply with any other provision in the terms and conditions of the site, as well as any other policy.

Without prejudice to it, Engormix reserves the right of removing any publication or image when considers there is any breach of the rules, the law, or that it deems inappropriate for any reason in its sole discretion. Violations of these rules may result in suspension or disqualification of the user account or the adoption of any of the measures provided for in the terms and conditions of the site, as well as other policies.
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