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Antibacterial Activity of Commercially Available Plant Extracts on Selected Campylobacter jejuni Strains

Published: May 18, 2017
1. INTRODUCTION Food contaminated with bacterial pathogens is still a problem worldwide. One method to reduce / eliminate foodborne pathogens is to add antimicrobials to food marinades [1]. To reduce bacterial loads on meat is especially challenging because of the rich nutritional availability, pH and water activity level [2]. Campylobacter is one of the major causes of foodborne bacterial i...
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Geetha Kumar-Phillips
University of Arkansas (USA)
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Sataluri Satagopa Raja Ayyangar
Synergy Biorefineries Pvt
22 de mayo de 2017

Lot of research to be conducted on plant extracts on bird and animals. In India there is a separate veda called Ayurveda, which is more than 5000 years old in which Herbals and Plants properties are useful for man health without side effects. Only the thing is how we can apply to all animals and birds with the above knowledge.

Jana Paulova
Delacon Biotechnik GmbH
24 de mayo de 2017
I do not understand the table 1: if it is log10 CFU/ml of the culture, should there be 0 in 24 hours, shouldn´t it? At least it looks like that according to the graphs and the text in the paragraph results.
Robert Gauthier
30 de mayo de 2017
The problem is that almost everything can kill Campylobacter jejuni "in vitro". From experience, "in vivo" testing is giving totally different results. We also have observed that "in vivo" there is a very different colonization capacity and sensitivity between isolates. Quite difficult to run field trials with Campylobacter when the Campylobacter is not characterized and.
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