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What is the cause of Poultry Epileptic behaviour?

I have some birds they appear healthy as they are active and feed well too. The only problem is that they are sometimes having sort of epilepsy. They may fall off twist their neck and stay down for some time, few seconds at times few minutes, then rise up and continue their normal activities. I have noticed this in 5 birds out of 600 birds. I suspect vitamin deficiency though I just need to be sure. Anyone with ideas?

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July 25, 2018
Avian Encephalopathy, Newcastle Disease, Fowl Cholera, Clostridium botulinum infection, Mycotoxin infection, Vitamin E, Selenium and Sodium deficiency are some factors that causes nerve weakness signs. As I have not seen the condition, coming to final diagnosis will be wrong on my part. But wish to suggest symptomatic treatment for your birds as under.
1. Vitamin E+Se syrup @ 5 ml per 100 birds once daily for 7 days,
2. Vaccinations with ND LaSota 1 drop intra occular or in drinking water.
3. Electrolytes @ 1 gm per liter water OD X 5 Days
4. Antox @ 15 ml per liter water x 5-7 days
5.spray Virgin S @ 7ml in one liter water.
July 26, 2018
Brajen Singh please what are the components of Antox and Virgin S?
July 26, 2018
I also feel, you may be dealing with Aflatoxin intoxication. Withdrawal of feed may stop or and reverse symptoms if not severe.
Treat them as recommended by Brajen Singh
November 21, 2022
My chickens are epileptic
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