Vitamin for Broilers Challenged by Mycotoxins. V. Fruchi (University of Sao Paulo)

Published on: 06/11/2013
Author/s : Viviane Murer Fruchi (University of Sao Paulo), Isaac Bittar Filho, Rafael Gustavo Hermes (DSM Nutritional Products, Brazil), Jéssica de Sousa Viela (UNESP), Cristiane Soares da Silva Araujo, Lucio Francelino Araujo (University of Sao Paulo)

INTRODUCTION The levels of vitamins for poultry have changed a little over the last 40 years; however, the modern broiler has improved drastically its performance during the same period. Furthermore, an optimum level of vitamins is crucial under high stress condition to allow the birds achieve good performance and adequate health status. In this context, aflatoxin contamination of foods and lives...

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June 11, 2013
Hard to comment as one cannot find information on the vitamins you decreased or increased.
Dr Asad Abbas Malik Dr Asad Abbas Malik
DVM, M.Phill Animal Nutrition
June 11, 2013
completely agree with MR. David,neither the name of vitamins nor the levels are described, there were two things for comparison for effects on carcass yield etc. in the trials, 1-vitamins & their level, 2- Aflatoxin and their level. only levels of aflatoxins are mentioned, which toxin were particularly in trial is not mentioned, also vitamins are not described. Sorry but poorly designed or described.
June 11, 2013

I completely agreed with both Dr. Asad and Mr David that the research article is not scientifically informative as expected. Succinctly, the following crucial information were lacking/limiting:

-- The vitamin included and the actual respective inclusion level that marks the low and optimal level.
-- The type of mycotoxin binder used in the experiment.
-- Outline of the experimental basal diet with the nutrients composition.
-- Mode of administration of the mycotoxin binder (either via feed or water).
-- When and how was the aflatoxin induced into the diet offered to the birds.
-- In the context of the research title and summary, it was made mentioned that the Effect of Different Vitamin Levels will be assessed on the Carcass Yield of Broilers Challenged by 'Mycotoxins'---However, in the body of the work only aflatoxin was utilized as a mycotoxin. With respect to this, this make the research title to be scientifically in non-conformity with the body of the work. Rather, the research could have been simply put as the ''Effect of Different Vitamin Levels in the Carcass Yield of Broilers Challenged by Aflatoxin''.

I hope the author(s) could provide more information on the aforementioned points and take note of these shortcomings in subsequent publications. Thanks

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