Use of dietary emulsifier for broiler chickens

Published on: 02/14/2017
Author/s : Teixeira LV1* , Rombola LG2 , Rovers M 2 , Navarro H 2 , Aa VDA 2 , Bertechini AG 1 1Federal University of Lavras, Lavras, MG, Brazil. 2Orffa, Werkendam, Netherlands.

Introduction. Energy is a major cost component in diets for high-performing animals. Due to their high energy density, fats and oils are important energy sources in feed formulation. Improving the energy efficiency of these raw materials is of great interest from an economical point of view. Dietary emulsifier can be used in poultry feed as an important tool to improve fat digestibility, resulting...

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Research and Development Director
February 14, 2017
What about the impact of the emulsifier on the mucous intestinal lining and the gut microbiota?
Emeka Ogazi Emeka Ogazi
Poultry farmer
February 14, 2017
There is no clue on what composed of emulsifier. Can you state the composition? Is soy oil or palm oil ? We need clarity on what gives the energy.
February 21, 2017
Same question : What is the composition of the Emulsifier?
Kabir Ahmed Chohan Kabir Ahmed Chohan
February 24, 2017
Can anyone share the details of emulsifiers and its mode of action ? Do it effect on animal fat or just on feed ingredients oil level ? What is the role in case of animal fat supplementation ?
November 23, 2017

Can you please tell composition of emulsifier?

June 6, 2019

Growing consumer inclination towards packaged food due to rising number of working-class people will stimulate product demand. Food emulsifier are added in small quantity owing to its anti-staling, stable foaming, and emulsifying properties. It helps the dough to rise and makes it look fluffy. Rising utilization of emulsifying agents to manufacture cakes and puddings owing to increasing demand for appealing baked goods will boost emulsifying agents industry growth.
China food emulsifier market size may witness substantial gains up to 5% by 2025. It is added to breads as it helps to produce elastic & less sticky dough and make it soft. Rising bread consumption in the region due to availability of healthier multigrain and low carb breads will fortify regional product demand.

June 10, 2019
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