The effect of dietary Glutamine supplementation on performance and blood antioxidant status of broiler chickens under continuous heat stress condition

Published on: 12/15/2019
Author/s : M. Ayazi / Department of Animal Science, Faculty of Agriculture Urmia University. P.O. Box 165 Urmia, Iran.

Introduction Chronic heat stress (HS) is a great concern in all types of poultry especially broiler chickens. Reductions of feed intake (Teeter ., 1985) and lower growth rate as well as reduction in feed efficiency (Geraert ., 1996) have been reported in poultry under HS condition (Ramnath., 2008). Birds attempt to compensate for their reduced ability to dissipate heat during heat distress by inc...

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December 15, 2019

Dr. Mustafa, at first working to evaluate nutrients in animal nutrition that can attenuate the effect of heat stress on their performance, is relevant and timely. As for your study, I have a few observations to make. - Because heat stress in his work was characterized by a constant temperature of 32 °C, I think this temperature does not represent heat stress for chickens in the first week of life. And that for chickens in the second week this temperature is much less stressful compared to the others.:- Another detail that caught my attention was the fact that approximately 35% difference in weight gain of chickens when comparing the ZG treatment. with MG (441.22 x 613.15) in the sixth week was not significant, while approximately 10% difference between these same treatments in the total period was not. How to justify? would it be the CV? - Another detail to consider would be the opportunity to have been analyzed the uric acid, which has glutamine one of its precursors, for its antioxidant action. These observations are intended to collaborate with understanding of the work. I understand that doing study analysis that works is much more comfortable than proposing and performing the work.

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