Strategies to manipulate early-life microbiota of poultry toward beneficial bacterial growth

Published on: 02/28/2020
Author/s : Denise Rodrigues 1, Jeremiah Cox 1, Alissa Hilsong 1, Whitney Briggs 1, Audrey Duff 1, Kaylin Chasser 1, Johel Bielke 1, Kim Wilson 1, Chad Risch 2, Debbie Jeffrey 2, Dan Shafer 2, Lisa Bielke 1. / 1 The Ohio State University; 2 Maple Leaf Farms.


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February 28, 2020
Nice and important work!

I am wondering if you are using metagenomics the 16S variant region of Ribosomal RNA or
just random sequencing of total RNA. This last one because it may provide specie resolution for bacterial ribosomal in addition of information on viral microbiota including bacteriophages.
March 2, 2020
Claudio Afonso Thanks for your comment! We used the 16S RNA amplicon sequencing analyses. I've attached the link for the papers related to this research. If you would like to take a look at the overall results.
March 4, 2020
Thank you, Dr. Juliano Cesar De Paula Dorigam !!
March 3, 2020
Good Morning Denise - we are about to conduct a trial seeding DO chicks with LAB via a gel at the hatchery. Have you done any work in this area and have you any results...?

Cheers & thanks
March 4, 2020

Greg Connors Thank you for your comment, Greg. we haven't done experiments with LAB gel. Although, we have used a spray cabinet with LAB solution. It worked very well to manipulate the intestinal microbiota at day of hatch toward LAB growth. Now, we are working on the 16S results for this experiment. I will get more insights into it soon.

March 4, 2020

Greg Connors commercial application of gel is not something which is studied much rather spray applications of LAB is more practiced, but in my view for getting proper beneficial results we must need to study combination of aerobes and anaerobes as there is variable PH and oxygen tention in poultry gut if it is not so we will not supposed to find clostridia from gut, so if you elaborate the purpose of study I.e. wether you want to establish benefit drawn by LAB or you want to get something which will work will help a lot.

Kapil Manwal Kapil Manwal
masters in animal nutrition
August 3, 2020

Very nice work it is to get microflora of the chicks in hatchery, which is a good idea and would help in developing correct microflora for chicken. It is nice work.

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