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Questions on Ventilation in the Field

Published on: 03/14/2011
Author/s : Winfridus Bakker (Cobb-Vantress)
Issues that will be discussed in this article:Why is ventilation for the chick embryo as of 12 days of age in the setter and hatchery machines so important?Ventilation & temperature control during transport from hatchery to farm (truck).What is minimum ventilation in broiler houses?How to calculate the number of fans needed?What causes wet litter behind the evaporative pads?How to do maintenan...
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March 14, 2011

Thank you very much Mr.Winfridus Bakker
Please can I ask you some questions?
In the first issue you write about the ventilation in the hatchery management, and if there are miss ventilation especially above 12 days of the embryo old it will be due to ascites in the chickens after hatching. I would like to know about the pathogenesis of this case. And also if there are programs to calculate the Ventilation and the number of fans to hen house.

Thank you dear Sir and BEST REGARDS



Arshaq Ramzee Arshaq Ramzee
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
March 15, 2011

What an informative article that explained a very important aspect of hatchery management, ventilation from hatchery to house. The author deserves all praise for this very practical article, he gather all important information on ventilation in one single article and in a very east language. This is a must read article for every one involved in the management from hatchery to transport to house. 

Only 15 minutes exposure of chicks to high temperature may result in dehydration, hence death or unusually high medication cost. By controlling ventilation we might improve our production levels by many scores.

Well done Mr. Bakker

Dr.sohail Ahmad Dr.sohail Ahmad
Animal Nutritionist
March 15, 2011

It is a very informative article by Bakker which cover the almost all aspects of hatchery ventilation.

My question is also similar to Mr. Waseem but in another angle that “Have hatchery ventilation play a role in chick’s ascities during 4 to 10 days of age in brooding period"?

Overall it is a good effort of Mr. Bakker


Dr Kamran Dr Kamran
Agricultural Engineer
April 27, 2011
very informative article but sir i have one question .
is there any limit for maximum temperature at which pads must turn on regardless of humidity? i,e whatever the humidity is if temperature goes beyond certain limit we should turn pad on ,
ur thoughts about that.
Dr.sohail Ahmad Dr.sohail Ahmad
Animal Nutritionist
April 28, 2011

It is a very informative article which covers almost all aspects of hatchery management especially on ventilation. This article will be provided all answers of the questions which are in our minds. I really thanks to the author and engormix team for providing such facilities which is otherwise impossible to share each other


Bibek Bandhu Regmi Bibek Bandhu Regmi
BVSc & AH, Production Manager at Cobb Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
January 26, 2014
Thank you for such a beautiful article. Sir! I would like to know how is the required air speed calculated for any broiler house or breeder house or layer house.

Best regards
Dr. Bibek Bandhu Regmi
Nobel Livestock Production and Research center
Mohamed Wafi Mohamed Wafi
Animal Health Technologist
August 20, 2014

Could you please give some details of chick processing room and chick holding room environmental condition suitable for tropical condition as over RH is very high? I would need to know the ventilation and temperature arrangements.


August 24, 2014

Dear Mohamed Wafi,

If the relative humidity is very high you will need to see how you can make the chick holding room more environmental controlled. I do not know how much money you have available to do this, but I would suggests that you ventilate enough to keep the oxigen level up with bringing in outside air and then install some AC units that will reduce the relative humidity in the room and control your temperature. The article mentions the guide lines for temperature and RH and how much air the room needs per 1000 chicks. If chicks are confortable you hardly hear them in the chick holding room. Some companies use blue lights when the room is full with chicks and they need to stay over for several hours. Hearing a lot of chick noise means they are not comfortable. They can be too cold, too hot or not having good air quality or a combination of above 3 points I do not know your conditions, but try to combine the 3 above mentioned factors and experiment a bit at what levels you see that the chicks are comfortable and room is quiet.

Winfridus Bakker

Esperidion Algabre Esperidion Algabre
Poultry farmer
August 27, 2014
chicks behavior will determine their level of comfort, the care should familiar their voice like caring an infant. chicks can't tell directly what they need but their is the best tool to measure comfort level
Dr.muhammad Zahid Farooq Dr.muhammad Zahid Farooq
Veterinary Doctor
August 28, 2014
Oh yes. I 100% agreed that humidity s the main main parameter to be controlled to get fresh environment in the shed
Venkitakrishnan Natarajan Venkitakrishnan Natarajan
Industrial Engineer
September 1, 2014

(I assume temp is also high +32)
you can use the cooling pads and exhaust fan in the chick room. advantage of this system is ,

humidification (if humidity is low,protects from dehydration)
and Increase the oxygen in chick room and reduce CO2

you can control the exhaust fan according to the temperature.
Dr Mahendra Chaudhari Dr Mahendra Chaudhari
M.V.Sc. Animal Nutrition Masters Degree Veterinary
September 30, 2014
Nice information and thanks for sharing that too simple way understand.
Dr Mahendra Chaudhari
Poultry Tech Solutions
Dragan Balsic Dragan Balsic
Mechanical Engineer
February 11, 2015
What mean; air volume 5 minut AE
November 3, 2015
What is the basic for calculating ventilation at the broiler.
How much oxygen 1 kg from live bird need for stay a life, necessary for metabolism and ather physiological case.
July 15, 2018

Please explain Chill factor requirements?

Md. Hamim Uddin Md. Hamim Uddin
ms in poultry science
October 12, 2018

What is the standard negative pressure (pascal) 1 meter width of cage house for broiler management?

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