Kemin launches exclusive on-top organic mineral application for layers

Published on: 03/19/2012
Source : Kemin Industries Inc

To cater to the growing need in the layer industry for an efficient and cost-effective organic mineral application, Kemin introduces KemTRACETM HP. KemTRACETM HP is a high performance, organic mineral formulation exclusively for on-top application along with inorganic minerals. KemTRACETM HP bridges the gap of mineral requirement and helps to boost the performance of layer birds.R Kannan, Kemin pr...

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Alkam Ahmad Alkam Ahmad
Agricultural Engineer
March 19, 2012

I think that the most important issues now is most critical on getting the perfect performance of the birds is controlling the mycotoxins
and the supplementation of the organic minerals in the feed.
The most important thing mentioned in this paper is remembering to add cobalt as organic on the top.

March 19, 2012
Exactly, better performance offered by organic trace minerals. Price is great obstacle now. More and more people are staring or considering to use organic minerals.
Except of zinc and copper, cobalt, chromium and selenium should be considered too.
March 20, 2012
By using Organic mineral such as Copper, Zinc & Manganese there would certainly bridges gap between birds's requirement & its availability with inorganic minerals.
Sp Sharma Sp Sharma
March 20, 2012
Organic Minerals are certainly good but in India where price of feed and its raw material is a key factor in poultry farming organic mineral are obstacle.
March 27, 2012

In the above discussion among organic minerals metal proportionates means? Whether form of mineral or anything?  Mode of application on-top means, no need to mix in the rations, a general practice? 



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