Infectious Bronchitis: Update

Published on: 11/05/2013
Author/s : Dr. Hafez Mohamed Hafez (Institute of Poultry Diseases, Free University Berlin Königsweg,Berlin,Germany)

Introduction Infectious bronchitis (IB) was first observed in 1930 and has been recognised as a disease of major economic importance in chickens since that time. Infectious bronchitis (IB) is an acute, contagious disease of chickens characterised primarily by respiratory signs. The infection allows secondary invasion of the lungs and air sacs with bacterial infections such as ...

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November 5, 2013
Very informative research article. I have a question that why many birds do not get I-B during the outbreak of I-B infection in a flock?
Dr.hashim Ahmed Mohamed Dr.hashim Ahmed Mohamed
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
November 5, 2013
very informative
but concentrate on the effect of I.B in layer rather than broiler although the disease of great economical importance in broiler
Taha Taibeh Taha Taibeh
Veterinary Doctor
November 6, 2013
thanks for informative articles.
but here in ME we saw that IBV challenges become clear at winter . so we use two vaccination program for (winter & summer)especially for broiler farms & we,v got accepted results.
Chambal Konch Chambal Konch
Veterinary Doctor
February 17, 2015
Can we recommend IB live vaccine during an outbreak in layers ?? Whether Giving IB live vaccine in an outbreak will further deteriorate egg production or will improve ?? need your expert view on this
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