How to Increase the Persistence of Egg Production in Broiler Breeders?

Published on: 09/23/2021
Author/s : Sandro Cerrate, PhD / Credinser LLC, Madison, Alabama

Some breeder flocks have higher egg peak production, 92%, whereas other breeder flocks reach 82% at egg peak. On the other hand, some broiler breeders lay a good peak egg production, but as hens age, egg production descends more than expected. In this situation, how can we increase the persistence of egg production in broiler breeders? Breeder managers should evaluate the following four points for...

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September 23, 2021
One of the challenges in this regard is that the current breeder-recommended target BW is low for optimal reproductive performance. We need to relax the current feed restriction and concomitant growth restriction during the rearing phase to achieve an optimum body composition to support a long-time production period. In addition, modern broiler breeders are leaner and have less fat pad which needs to be optimized through an optimum growth trajectory. But the question is "What is an optimum target growth for breeders especially during the rearing phase?" Another important question is "How can maternal feeding program and growth trajectory can affect offspring performance?" We have discussed this and come to some ideas in our recent publications:
1. Afrouziyeh et al., 2021 (
2. Afrouziyeh et al., 2021 (
3. Zukiwsky et al., 2021 (
4. Zukiwsky et al., 2021 (
October 5, 2021
After every grading can we offer same feed to all grade birds and how it will help to birds
Sandro Cerrate Sandro Cerrate
Animal Nutritionist
October 6, 2021
Hi Digambar,
The best approach is provide more feed to the small groups and less feed to the heavier one. Best regards
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