How to Collect your Water Sample and Interpret the Results for the Poultry Analytical Package

Published on: 06/08/2021
Author/s : Bradley J. Austin, Josh B. Payne, Susan E. Watkins, Mike Daniels, and Brian E. Haggard. / Arkansas Water Resources Center, University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture.

Rapidly growing birds may consume up to twice as much water as feed (Scantling and Watkins 2013), which means a plentiful supply of clean water is crucial for poultry health and productivity. To determine the quality of your poultry’s water resources, periodic sampling and analysis is needed. Analyzing water supplies can also be a crucial tool in identifying existing or potential c...

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June 8, 2021

When analyzing drinking water from main source under microscope, in some cases we found protozoa, regardless there is& microbiological contamination or not, is this water considered consumable for birds.

Dr. Md. Mehadi Hasan Dr. Md. Mehadi Hasan
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
June 9, 2021

Thanks a lot for very well described information.

Can you please also share an article on water treatment process if the test results come over maximum acceptable level (specially for coliforms, E. coli and pH)?

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