Helping Poultry Beat the Heat with Microencapsulated Phytase Enzymes

Published on: 02/06/2020
Author/s : Winston A. Samuels, Ph.D. Ceo at Maxx Performance.

Concerns exist as to whether use of phytase enzymes in poultry feed lead to decrease feed intake during excessive heat, characteristic of the summer months. Reduction of phytase reduces intake of calcium, phosphorus and trace minerals which are important in eggshell formation and resistance. Jones in 2012 reported that significant loss of phytase activity during steam conditioning and pelleting ...

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Anaz Abuthahir Anaz Abuthahir
February 6, 2020
Misleading headline, i think.
mohammad aslam mohammad aslam
Specialist in Animal Nutrition
February 13, 2020

Nice information but i have some concerns about its in vivo availability. In microencapsulation, the major concern is the release of molecule in a short window of time within GIT. How much is released and available to the bird, it should also be noted, although recovery after conditioning is much important but how much available to the bird is also a big question.

February 14, 2020
mohammad aslam

Appreciate your input. Note that coated slow released phytase has been incorporated in poultry diets by poultry integrator for sometime now. Our modern microencapsulation technology is such that it can trigger release up and down the GIT therefore making availability to birds as a non issue.
Dr Valeriy Kryukov Dr Valeriy Kryukov
Doctor in Biological Sciences
May 1, 2020

Dear Winston Samuel!
Under the name "Phytase", there are a lot of different products on the market that have phytase activity. You would need to justify the correct choice of phytase. The high content of calcium B and inorganic phosphorus in the feed will inhibit the action of phytase. Phytase is useful in any climate.

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