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Heat Stress

Published on: 08/29/2021
Author/s : Ewa Sujka, Commercial Director

Thermal stress happens when the animal leaves its thermal comfort zone, it means neither too cold nor too hot, let's say it feels good. In both of the cases, the stress due to heat and cold, the problem itself is not the temperature alone, but its relation to relative humidity level. The differences in sensitivity for each species must be taken into account. Cows cope better with high tempe...

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Viorel Marculescu Viorel Marculescu
Sales & Technical Director Animal Nutrition Russia & CIS
August 29, 2021
"Essential oils of peppermint and eucalyptus give cooling properties by acting on the so call receptors of cold" Can you please describe the physiological process?
Ewa Sujka Ewa Sujka
Commercial Manager
Madrid, Madrid, Spain
August 30, 2021

Dear Viorel Marculescu,

Several compounds as methol or eucaliptol, induce the cool perception, it is due to the capacity of activation of the so-called cold receptors, particularly those from TRP family. In the case of essential oils, the ion channel TRPM8 (this can be found mainly on skin and oral cavity) is activated in the same way as cold is doing: increasing or reducing the ion exchange.
Best regards,

Dr. Rama Prasad Chakraborty Dr. Rama Prasad Chakraborty
Specialist in Animal Nutrition
September 7, 2021

Essential oil like peppermint oil or eucalyptus do possess to treat systemic dyspepsia by relieving pain cropped up in GI tract through IBS though they have little effect to address abdominal colic like covered by Simithicone. Hence your declaration demands further study to draw a conclusion on their true efficacy. Above all, they are from extraction from herbal leaf only and more prudent to obtain relief from pain superficially especially on muscles and ligaments.

September 7, 2021
Practically, I learnt that Birds that are on deep litter system enjoy more during hot season that those in the battery cage system.

This is evidently proven because, the Saw dust on the floor conserve moisture which dramatically birds do lie upon
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