Fowl Typhoid in Laying Hens: Description of the disease and Protection Conferred by a Live Salmonella Enteritidis Vaccine

Published on: 03/09/2016
Author/s : Dr. Horacio Raúl Terzolo, Dr. Pablo Aníbal Chacana.

Introduction. Salmonella Gallinarum with the biotypes Gallinarum and Pullorum causes two septicaemic diseases in poultry: Fowl Typhoid and Pullorum Disease. The former Salmonella Pullorum serovar is not recognised anymore as such. Both biotypes are differentiated by a few biochemical and molecular tests. This bacterium is highly adapted to produce a septicaemic disease in birds. In general all ot...

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Ramzan Ali Ramzan Ali
Doctor Of Veterinary Medicine
November 23, 2019
Despite all the traditional medicine, ceftriaxone is the best drug to control typhoid fever within a short period of the time. if you tried to control it, you can easily grab the mortality and save your birds. details in this link
Bouayad Bouayad
May 18, 2020

Hi, Dr. Terzolo,
I have vaccinated by drinking water have solicited cellular and humoral immunity for cellular immunity there will be for some time an innate response added to competitive exclusion and secretory igA the bacteria disappears from the intestine and immunity local also disappear how intestinal excretion disappear? local and temporary immunity if it is effective there is no mucosal memory immunity the salm infections continue then I want to know with that it immune phenomenon have a mucosal protection
no salmonella excretion? THANKS

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