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Forum: Understanding and managing poultry gut microflora safely

Published on: 08/13/2012
Author/s : Danièle MARZIN(Neovia)
The gut microflora is part of the digestive system and influences FCR and the economic performance of broilers. It is, therefore, very important to investigate its composition to better understand if and how we may positively influence it.According to different authors, we only know 10-25% of total poultry gut microflora. Indeed all micro-organisms have not yet been identified by co...
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Dr.shahzad  Naveed Jadoon Dr.shahzad Naveed Jadoon
Animal Nutritionist
August 13, 2012

Good article about managing poultry gut microflora safely.
What is impact on immunity, any work please

August 13, 2012

I am conducting more than 20 trials of B-Safe in different cities of Pakistan. I have got three unofficial reports from the farmers and waiting for comprehensive report. How ever in preliminary report, effect of B-Safe so encouraging, it reduces the mortality, increases weight gain and decreases FCR.

On one broiler farm in Okara, its effect on Enteritis is astonishing, Farmer had three sheds, 30,000 each, he used B-safe on such farm, where he experienced Enteritis in every rearing, he told us, and in this shed, he got astonishing results against Enteritis.
B-Safe is a very good product in Pakistan market, where digestive tract originative problems are so many.

Dr.shahzad  Naveed Jadoon Dr.shahzad Naveed Jadoon
Animal Nutritionist
August 14, 2012

Excellent article about managing poultry gut microflora safely! Thanks for sharing will be in touch. My number is +923008505212

Leo Antony Leo Antony
Consultant in Poultry management and training
August 14, 2012

A very interesting and enlightening article that highlights the importance of gut health in poultry. Many poultry people take poor gut health very lightly as a routine affair and do not realize the importance of doing something about it. Can I request the author to kindly throw some more light on what she calls calls 'DYSBACTREIOSIS' ?

Dr.P.V.Dhar Dr.P.V.Dhar
Commercial Manager
August 14, 2012

Interesting Article about managing poultry gut microflora safely. We hope to achive B-Safe promotion in GCC market next year.

Muhammad Shahzad Aslam Muhammad Shahzad Aslam
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
August 16, 2012
a very interesting & knowledge full article with good marketing tricks.
Marie-Laurence Le Ray Marie-Laurence Le Ray
Agro Engineer Zootechnist
August 20, 2012

To Leo Antony : Dysbacteriosis refers to an imbalance of the microbial flora. Within this article it is the gut microflora. As it is written, we don’t know the exact composition of this flora but, when some bacteria as Campylobacter or Clostridium increase in the digestive tract, there is a change in the flora balance and there is a risk of intestinal mucosa damages and intestinal motility changes. The results of this dysbacteriosis can be a lower nutrients absorption and thus lower performances and profitability.
Marie-Laurence Le Ray - B-SAFE product manager.

Esperidion Algabre Esperidion Algabre
Poultry farmer
September 17, 2012

Interesting article about managing poultry gut microflora. Hope this product will be available here in philippines with affordable price.

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