Mortality Syndrome of Chickens

Forum: Spiking Mortality Syndrome of Chickens

Published on: 12/06/2008
Source : Govt. of Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development
History Spiking mortality syndrome of chickens (SMSC) has been classified as such for approximately ten years. During the first experiences with the disease a number of causative agents were implicated, yet the symptoms remained relatively the same. From approximately 1988 to 1990 the syndrome reached critical epidemic proportions particularly in the Delmarva area of the U.S. Isolated cases were...
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Arshaq Ramzee Arshaq Ramzee
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
December 6, 2008

Very good effort to explain the Spiking Mortality Syndrome. This is kind of a problem that is confusing broiler farmers all over the world. Everyone is blaming everyone else as it is very difficult to treat and reasons of the mortality are never apparent or confirmed. At one occasion, if flock responded to one kind of treatment but other flock never responded to the same treatment, further confusing matters. I am sure that after reading this article many farm managers and veterinarians would be able to find some easy solution to this syndrome.

Munawar Ali Munawar Ali
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
December 6, 2008

Very good article. It requires further research and efforts to overcome this problem.
Our Poultry Experts and veterinarians should give emphasis on this problem according to our local situation. I appreciate this article.

Dr Mohammad Yousaf Dr Mohammad Yousaf
Veterinary Doctor
January 6, 2012

I've grim observation that SMSC mostly come with Clostridial infection perhaps due to starvation/off feed/feed restriction & I've ever taken response treating respectively along with supportive treatment.

Dr Kamran Dr Kamran
Agricultural Engineer
January 7, 2012

very good and informative article about Spiking Mortality Syndrome of Chickens, i think more research is to be done in light and feed, by these 2 we should be able to control this problem and infect we have very much controlled it.

Dr. Mubarik Mahmood Dr. Mubarik Mahmood
Specialist in Animal Nutrition
April 3, 2013
Very informative article but to add one thing that i observed that the chicken dies of making his rear legs in backward direction
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