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infections of Mycoplasma synoviae and Escherichia coli

Forum: Mycoplasma synoviae and Escherichia Coli infection

Danka Maslic-Strizak
Veterinary Doctor
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Santiago Sievert Garcia Santiago Sievert Garcia
Bachelor of Science in Animal Husbandry
October 11, 2012

Hello Danka,

Interesting photo about mycoplasma synoviae and escherichia coli infection in poultry. 
It would have been very useful for viewers if you had put captions describing your observations in each of the pictures. That would help a lot in our analysis of your problem. From the pictures ( are they from one bird or from different birds?), we can clearly see the clinical signs of E. coli. To confirm the involvement of M. synoviae, a serological assay would be recommendable. As it is, you may have something else other than M. synoviae which triggered the surge in E. coli. E. coli is ubiquitous and opportunistic. It is a secondary infection which, if untreated, would infect and infest the viscera, become the main infective organism in CRD, and eventually lead to the bird's death. You can treat this with Oxytetracyclines, quinolone, or other new broad spectrum antibiotics. 

If M. synoviae or M. gallinarum is confirmed by serology and these are parent stock, the infection could be vertically transmitted to the chicks hence it would be best not to set the eggs until the flock is "cleansed" of these two infective agents.
Hope this helps you out of your problem.

Aoun Khan Aoun Khan
general manager production
September 17, 2014
aoa,,,,it is informative ....but i would suggest ............a caption with specific pointer should b used for effective understandig....................................dr arshad
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