Chronic Respiratory Disease

Forum: Mycoplasma Complicated Chronic Respiratory Disease (CCRD) -A Review

Published on: 04/21/2010
Author/s : Gupta A., PhD Scholar, Division of Medicine, IVRI- Izatnagar, INDIA. Ezzeldin, T., District Sales Manager- Dammam- Saudi Arabia. Agrawal, P., Marketing Manager, Montajat Pharm.- Saudi Arabia.
Introduction Poultry industry is one of the fastest growing segments of the animal industry. The worldwide consumption of poultry is increasing. Today's bird has the potential to grow rapidly because of intensive genetic selection so they are more susceptible to stressors of the respiratory and circulatory systems. The poultry industry faces the maximum economic losses by increase in mortality r...
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Rachid  Mohra Rachid Mohra
April 21, 2010

Interesting article about Mycoplasma Complicated Chronic Respiratory Disease. I do agree with the 3 first day in your programm, but wath about the folk with duration between 50&55 days?

Wath about your programm on layers?
Do you have free sales certificat for ALGERIA,
Thanks in advance

Sunil Sawant Sunil Sawant
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
April 9, 2012

Good article about Mycoplasma Complicated Chronic Respiratory Disease. What is protecion period of live and kiiled vaccines of MG, How vaccinated and naturally infected birds can be differentiated?

Abuthager Abuthager
Production manager
January 3, 2013

In our broiler farm we are getting the CCRD mortality very high level. Can anyone suggest to over come this situation?The symptoms are sneezing, cough and a layer formed above the lungs like E.coli.

Ashraf Marzouk Ashraf Marzouk
Veterinary Doctor
June 8, 2015
What effect of florfenicol on mycoplasm gallispectum .?
Debabrata Giri Debabrata Giri
Poultry farmer
August 20, 2015
From the past two flocks(6000) infect in CRD. Enrofloxacine-10% and oxy-tetra cycline is oraly used. But no such result comes. Can any one suggest better ...............................
September 10, 2015
mr. debendar giri you can treat with Erythromycin or tylosin for better result .
Jahangir Alam Jahangir Alam
July 24, 2016
jignesh barot jignesh barot
M. V. Sc. (Avian Diseases)
September 14, 2016
Good information.
Can any body focus on MG vaccination ?
Mac Mac
Animal Health Technologist
January 26, 2017
Use enerofloxcine +doxycyline
Or use tylosine+doxycyline+cholistine(secondry infection ecoli)
Use bronchodilatar
February 3, 2018

Sir, best treatment in CRD

Juvy Lago Juvy Lago
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
February 5, 2018
secondary e.coli infection is the problem with crd. if the infection is severe, loses can be high. the best way is to prevent it.
February 5, 2018
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