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Published on: 10/13/2010
Author/s : Dr. Frederic J Hoerr (Auburn University)
Intestinal integrity for commercial poultry can be defined as the maintenance of intestinal health to enable the expression of the full genetic potential for growth and yield and to fully utilize the dietary nutrients. Evaluation of intestinal integrity in broiler production involves multiple approaches that involve assessment of production records, clinical examination of the flock, necropsy exam...
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Dr Jaydip Mulik Dr Jaydip Mulik
Master Of Veterinary Science & Master of Business Administration
October 13, 2010

Dear Sir,

We have gone through the Coccidia Scoring methods by the same way but your article represents to overall digestive tract integrity.

It´s a very useful tool to evaluate the Gut health at farm level. If you have such an analytical data in your hand with different parameters then to achieve the FCR of 1.5 for 2.0 kg body weight is at your sight.

I hope this will help our indian farmers/integrators/technicians to achive the above said goal by applying your thoughts & ideas.

I am really thankful to you for providing such useful information & also expecting to share your ideas & thoughts vide Engormix for the wellbeings of world poultry industry.

Thanks & regards,

Dr Jaydip Mulik

Nadir Alloui Nadir Alloui
Veterinary Doctor
October 14, 2010

Dear Colleague

Thank you very much for your article. These are mainly parasitic diseases (coccidiosis, histomonosis) that cause pathological changes in the gut of poultry. Therefore, the production performance (live body weigt, feed Intake,FCR, dressing percentage with out giblets) are then very low.

Best regards

Arshaq Ramzee Arshaq Ramzee
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
October 16, 2010
A very good article with excellent information both for a researcher and a field veterinarian or worker.
Hafiz Imran Shakoor Hafiz Imran Shakoor
Animal Nutritionist
November 24, 2010

One can expect to get maximum feed converstion from a good quality feed when the digestive system of the flock is fully developed and in good health. Intestinal tract is the main site for digestion and absorption of feed. The author provide a very good guide to monitor intestinal integrity and gut health of the flock. Very useful aticle for people involved in poultry production.

Jose Chipollini Jose Chipollini
August 3, 2016
Can someone shine some light on the etiological agent of focal duodenal necrosis (FDN)? Thank you
Fred Hoerr Fred Hoerr
DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVP, ACPV
August 3, 2016
On histopath it looks like the bacterium in lesions of ulcerative enteritis in quail.
Jose Chipollini Jose Chipollini
August 3, 2016

Is it an strict anaerobe sporeformer?
April 19, 2021
Respected,sir i have few question about poultry boiler plz help to get the answer,

1) how many day to get actual growth for intestinal length (in inches) ,
2)how many day to get actual size of internal organs,

with regard
T N Thakur.

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Fred Hoerr
DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVP, ACPV
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