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Published on: 07/07/2011
Source : World Poultry.net
The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates, each year, about 9.4 million people get sick from contaminated food. A new test may detect Salmonella infection in an early stage, allowing prompt action. The USDA reports the leading cause of bacterial-related food illness in the U.S. is salmonella. About one million Americans get sick from salmonella annually, more than 19,000 are hos...
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July 7, 2011

The proactive initiative taken by the US agency - FDA in putting "a full-stop" seems a far reaching and positive decision. Considering the statistics of death relating to salmonella in that country, and the attendant medical treatment cost, the best steps to be taken are as indicated above.

Early detection of salmonella in eggs and poultry manure within 48 hours is the best that could be done to save lives, rather, the process which involved rigorous 10; that could have aided the influx of the poison to the market before the recall.

it could be understood that, the safest process (as indicated above) still have a redeeming measure, by way of heating the bacteria thereby making the egg safe to be consumed and at the same time enabling the farmer to recover some gains.

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Fred Hoerr
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