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Published on: 01/15/2009
Source : Univ. of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service
Reoviruses are widespread in nature and have been isolated from a variety of animals. These viruses have also been isolated from humans and in fact the name reovirus is a mnemonic for respiratory (r) enteric (e) orphan (o) since the virus was isolated from the human respiratory and enteric tract, but was not associated with disease. In some species of mammals (primarily mice) these viruses have ca...
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ibrahim ahmed ibrahim ahmed
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
January 15, 2009

Dear sir,

Thank you for your excelent presentation about Avian Reovirus Infections. However we would like to see reovirus in waterfowl (ducks). Till now we have no vaccine or any treatment. And also some special differences in the control and diagnosis.
Thank you and best regards,

Dr. Ibrahim Ahmed

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