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Feed formulation at the least cost

What would be the least cost feed formulation for layer flocks? We have to select low price ingredients but how we could help farmers more? 

Chakma Rupen
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
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Chakma Rupen Chakma Rupen
Doctor of veterinary medicine(D.V.M.)
March 21, 2015
Now a days , It is a great challenge and would be one of the main obstacle to minimize the cost while we are going to formulate the cost effective balance diet, gradually the cost of every ingredients are increasing,
There is more scope to manipulate in feed while processing And ingredients also. So we should be very alert regarding quality, If it is possible , sample should be send to ref. laboratory for analysis.
Prof Irvin Mpofu Prof Irvin Mpofu
Animal Nutritionist
March 21, 2015
Look out for substitute and complimentary ingredients which are less expensive to use "as is" or to process. Use as many ingredients as you can to come up with a very palatable diet that is a "least formulation". Happy feed formulation from Prof Irvin DT Mpofu (www.idtfeedservicesinternational.com)
Rosalío López García Rosalío López García
Ingeniero Agrónomo Zootecnista
March 21, 2015

This is very simple. In the area where I live (Puebla, Mexico) pig farmers keep saying how expensive animal feed is and how this is limiting the growth on their farms. But I recently told them: Does anyone know what the protein requirements are in the initial phase of piglets? Using the NRC tables, you will be able to see which ingredients can get and using the Pearson Square  or simultaneous equation, diet can be balanced in energy, protein and minerals. The cost of wheat, sorghum, fishmeal and minerals was cheaper than buying the prepared feed. Even your children that can use the computer learnt a program in which is specified requirements per phase and available ingredients, and this show us the amounts to be mixed. 

Rosalío López García Rosalío López García
Ingeniero Agrónomo Zootecnista
March 21, 2015

Rupen Chakma, protein requirements in laying hens are about 15% and 2.85 Mcal and these requirements are covered by grain of wheat or sorghum. Now we just need to meet the requirements in minerals, which in laying hens are paramount, but cracked oyster shells cover it, so it is important to add a multivitamin in water. Regards

Sushil Chandra Sushil Chandra
Master in Poultry Nutrition 1975
March 22, 2015
Nutritionally balanced and commercially viable layer feed is the talk of the day.But the same time one must target optimum output in the form of HHA and HDA from layer,along with efficient management of the flock,like house temp,ventilation,lighting programme and number of feedings and feeding time.
Converting the layer feed into pellet is also of great advantage to save around 10gms of feed/day/layer.
Alternate new raw material -protein-(Cotton seed meal,Guar meal)Energy-Tapioca meal etc

Dr Sushil Chandra
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