Estimating energy utilization in laying hens using imaging technology

Topic: Egg Quality
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June 18, 2020
I have layers but they are not laying properly
November 3, 2020
Dear Mike;
So excluding or minimizing energy from. Dietary source would not affect laying. Is it so?
Dr Fawad Khalil
DVM, Mphil
Mike Persia Mike Persia
Associate Professor
November 3, 2020

Dr. Fawad Khalil,

Reduced dietary energy will eventually lead to reduced egg production, but body condition will be lost first. The hen is pretty resilient and will lay eggs at the cost of body condition until her fat reserves become depleted and she reduces or stops egg production. In the short term your statement is correct, but in the long run egg production will be reduced. Thanks, Mike.

November 3, 2020
Mike Persia Professor, thanks for clarification. Highly appreciated.
Dr Fawad Khalil
November 12, 2020
Mike Persia Fruitful discussion! In fact, in addition to dietary energy the growth trajectory also can affect the body composition, and subsequently it can trigger the metabolic status of the bird to commence the laying or even keep the production persistency. Therefore, poultry industry really needs to have a shift in thinking from short effect of diet towards the long effect of body composition. Thanks!
November 21, 2020

Is there any difference in providing the same amount of energy from carbohydrates and fats/oils?
Effect of reduced energy can cause the same negative effect at any stage of production.

February 13, 2021
Yes. Lipids have very different metabolic pathways than carbohydrates in both poultry and mammals.
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