Effects of Fermentation Product of S. cerevisiae XPC™ in Chicken Diets on Resistance against Infectious Bronchitis Virus

Published on: 06/17/2018
Author/s : Cassandra Breedlove*, Aly Ghetas, Stephen Gulley, Frederick van Ginkel, Kellye Joiner, Vicky van Santen, Haroldo Toro Auburn University, Auburn, AL, USA.

The commercial Saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentation product XPC™, often used as feed additive in poultry production, has been associated with enhanced immune functions. We evaluated immune responses and protection after IBV challenge in naïve and infectious bronchitis virus (IBV)- vaccinated specific-pathogen-free white leghorn chickens (groups n=50 each) receiving XPC at feed-additive...

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Aftab anwar Aftab anwar
Agricultural Engineer
June 17, 2018

How to control secondary colibacillosis after IB, Became more of an issue than the IB itself. I am Badly Suffering due to secondary infection this 4th broiler flock hit by IB. IB is cure but secondary colibacillosis make my bird crazier, specially suffering due to e-coli and bird reduce the feed intake Please advise me how to treat Boiler Bird.
Aftab Anwar.

Joy Ho Joy Ho
June 18, 2018

Secondary colibacillosis due to primary viral respiratory infection generally sets in about 10 days after primary viral infection and once you see the symptoms at post-mortem, treatment can only be with antibiotic, but recovery may not be 100% as severity in each bird varies. Doing a sensitivity test on culture can better allow the selection of an effective antibiotic. Meanwhile if possible add vit B12 in water to stimulate intake.
Using vaccines to control IB is a better solution for future flocks.

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