Early vaccination for protection against Salmonella infections of poultry

Published on: 08/04/2014
Author/s : Sandra Aehle, Technical Manager (Lohmann Animal Health International, Inc.)

Hatchlings are highly susceptible to Salmonella with infection by a few organisms resulting in rapid colonization of the intestinal tract (7). Infection of young birds results in heavier shedding of salmonellae and a longer duration than occurs in older birds.Resistance to Salmonella infection increases with age with older birds requiring a higher level of salmonellae to become infe...

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antrison morris antrison morris
August 4, 2014

Some thoughts on this. Yes birds require a higher bacterial load to get infected as they become aged. One probable reason is salmonella infection in birds will induce a tolerance- development of T-regulatory cells. This might be one reason why they require a higher bacterial load. Our lab conducts research in avian immunology- including pathogens such as coccidia and salmonella. Please keep in touch. My email id -morris.1031@osu.edu.

Hilde Van Meirhaeghe Hilde Van Meirhaeghe
Veterinary Doctor
August 5, 2014
Dear Sandra,

Mostly on D1 other vaccinations are given in the hatchery ( Marek, NCD, IB) . Will the immune system be able to cope with an additional Salmonella vaccine?

Hilde Van Meirhaeghe
Oyedele Oyewumi Oyedele Oyewumi
Technical Marketing Manager
August 21, 2014
since marek vaccine are administer at day old, hope there wont be antagonistic effect if salmonella vaccines are administered early
August 31, 2014
I would comment for the interference of Salmonella vaccination at day old and other viral vaccination.
Not to forget that Salmonella is bacteria and others (ND, IB, Marek) are viral diseases.
So target cells and immune response are deferent, therefore vaccination with Salmonella at day old will not interfere with other viral vaccination.
Oyedele Oyewumi Oyedele Oyewumi
Technical Marketing Manager
September 1, 2014
what is the effect of adding gentamycin injection to marek vaccines at day old?
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