Coefficients for standardized ileal amino acid digestibility in broilers

Published on: 09/30/2014
Author/s : A. Helmbrecht (Evonik Industries AG)

The basis of least-cost formulation is to rank raw materials according to both price and nutritive value and then to find the cheapest compromise meeting all constraints. Only feed formulation on basis of digestible amino acids (AA) will provide AA in an amount sufficient for the requested performance of an animal (growth, production of eggs, fertility). Additionally, the use of all...

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Dave Albin, Ph.D. Dave Albin, Ph.D.
VP, Nutrition & Extrusion Technologies
September 30, 2014
What type of "soybean full fat" is mentioned above - extruded, roasted, etc.?
Dr. Ariane Helmbrecht Dr. Ariane Helmbrecht
Specialist in Animal Nutrition
Evonik Animal Nutrition Evonik Animal Nutrition
Hessen, Germany
October 6, 2014
Dear Dave,
the data for soybean full fat came from the paper of Valencia et al. (2009) and they described the production as following: "The FFSB contained 349 g CP/kg and was also provided by a local supplier from soya beans of Brazilian origin. The beans were cracked (Roller mill 1000, Amandus Kahl, Reinbek, Germany) into 3 to 4 pieces, cooked in a hydrothermal reactor (model AK38-1, Amandus Kahl, Reinbek,
Germany) for 1 h (105±5 °C), expanded at 117 °C using an annular gap expander (model OE 23.2 mm, Amandus Kahl, Reinbek, Germany), cooled, steam dried (130 °C for 10 min) and passed through a hammer mill (model DFZH-1155, BühlerAG, Uzwil, Switzerland) provided with a 2.5-mm screen."

Best regards,
November 10, 2014
Excellent question Dave and good detailed answer Ariane. Majority of researchers are still using collective terminology when stating ingredients in their study.
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