Cafeteria-Type Feeding of Chickens Indicates a Preference for Insect (Tenebrio molitor) Larvae Meal

Published on: 08/02/2022
Author/s : Marcos Antonio Nascimento Filho 1, Raquel Tatiane Pereira 1, Ana Beatriz Santos de Oliveira 1, Diana Suckeveris 1, Alvaro Mario Burin Junior 1, Thiago de Araújo Mastrangelo 2, Diego Vicente da Costa 3 and José Fernando Machado Menten 1.

1. IntroductionThe use of insects in animal nutrition is a promising alternative in order to obtain a sustainable protein source to feed the world. Considering the current challenges of overpopulation and feed supply for animals and humans, new feed ingredients are needed to provide a secure food production chain in the future [1].Edible insects have been shown to be highly nutritious and healthy ...

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Lawal Sesan Lawal Sesan
B.SC, M.Sc and Ph.D IN VIEW
August 2, 2022
This is a good research work but I must tell you that the problem of what to feed your animals with is more pronounced in Africa than any part of the world and a lot has been been done in this area of research and we have a number of very new feed ingredients for monogastric animals both crop and animal base source of ingredients especially in Nigeria but the only hinder factor is the anti-nutrients which is difficult to rid off, especially those crop based source, so if not for this both protein & energy source would have been solved long time ago in Nigeria.
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