Broiler Feed Formulation Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Published on: 12/21/2021
Author/s : Sandro Cerrate, PhD / Credinser LLC, Madison, Alabama.

During these difficult times facing the coronavirus outbreak, the poultry producers are acting toward the abrupt drop of broiler meat prices. Further, the reduction of chicken sales has forced some farms to decrease their poultry production. Under this circumstance, poultry farmers are increasing their biosecurity and becoming more efficient by reducing the feed cost or costs related to poultry pr...

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December 21, 2021
Dr. Cerrate, Congratulations for the great information!

Some producer claim that performance historic data is hard to maintaing in the search of better stantadarized and improved performance.

How to maintain the eyes in both paths?

Sandro Cerrate Sandro Cerrate
Animal Nutritionist
December 21, 2021
Luis Fernando Vergamini Luna thanks for your kind words.
Indeed, it is a challenge for the poultry industry trying to achieve or surpass the standard guides from the breeder companies. For that reason they, institutions, and Universities always are running broiler trials to fine tune the genetic progress. Further, these new changes are tested in large or medium poultry companies to later on apply for all the flocks. This is a broad question that I tried to answer in brief words. Best regards.
January 8, 2022
Lysine. ,and methonine 0.5% in broiler starter is ok thanks
Sandro Cerrate Sandro Cerrate
Animal Nutritionist
January 10, 2022
ibrahimmuhammadisah The requirements of amino acids change for several reasons, one of them is the feed form, mash or pellet; and another is the age of feeding. As birds age, the digestible amino acids reduce. The levels of lysine that you mentioned is digestible and what level is?. Further, the digestible methionine and cysteine should be quantified together. We are assuming that the requirement for amino acids represents the best biological performance that sometimes match the economical profitability, but sometimes the biological and economical variables are found with different digestible amino acid levels.
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