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Antagonisms are eating your feed additives

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December 7, 2020
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March 6, 2021
Dear Heather,

How is it different from a proteinate chelate and how do you see an amino acid chelate as compared to a proteinate in terms of

Bond strength
Molecule size

Please share your thoughts.

Heather Tucker Heather Tucker
Ruminant Nutrition Research Manager
Novus International Novus International
St Charles, Missouri, United States
April 8, 2021
Shahzaib Shakeel Hi Shahzaib, Mintrex is a methionine hydroxy analog bis-chelate so it provides a chemically defined structure (2 molecules of methionine hydroxy analog to 1 mineral) with protection against antagonisms in the animal's digestive tract. In terms of proteinate chelates, since a protein is several amino acids linked together, it would inherently be a larger molecule than a methionine hydroxy analog chelate or even an amino acid chelate. This is because methionine hydroxy analog and many amino acids are much smaller in terms of molecular weight, therefore size, than a protein. The large size and structure of a protein also make it difficult to make a bis-chelate with proteins. As proteins are made up of peptide bonds, it is near impossible for a bis-chelate to be formed from 2 proteins and 1 mineral as the bonds used for this type of structure are tied up in formation of the peptide. I am not familiar with a commercially available proteinate chelate, as defined by chemistry, so I cannot comment on specifics to absorption or supplementation rates.
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